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  1. crossbreed supertuck

    Just got my crossbreed supertuck and by far the best holster I have ever owned. So I was wondering what is you guy's favorite holster and/or way of carry

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    I'm using the king tuck by galco it's the cheaper and easier to get version of the crossbreed. I'll see how it holds up I just didn't want to wait a month to get it.

  4. Crossbreed Supertuck

    I received my Supertuck three weeks ago and have been wearing it at my part time job, three days a week. Previously, I used a Galco NSA, which is easier to get on and off but the Crossbreed is far more comfortable and secure. I needed some help from my heat gun to loosen its grip on my Kimber Compact CDP II but that only took a few minutes. I actually forgot I was wearing it last week when I laid down and took a nap. It was a bear to get on originally but since it has taken a curved shape, it is much easier now. So far I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who needs a solid, concealed holster for everyday use. Bill

  5. I've had my crossbreed Supertuck for about a year now. By far the best/favorite holster I've owned!

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    I have a supertuck, and it rocks when i use it, but i prefer my RCS Phantom as I do aTight OWB

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    I use a Minotaur mtach Iwb it's way comfortable I even wear it when i ride my bike

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    Last couple of years I've used the Crossbreed Supertuck for any of the glocks I carry, even with tucked in polo shirts! Anyway, just bought a Galco version, the King Tuck, for a PM-9 and I like it also so far...

    The Supertuck has several years of history with me and I trust it. The one time that that kydex was cracking at top of holster I sent it in. Now get this, in LESS than one week after mailing it in I recieved a new one. It was replaced. No questions, no problems. Soooooo, the next holster I buy for whatever gun I buy it for it WILL be a Supertuck.

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    If I am carrying IWB then it is either a Crossbreed Minituck or a Supertuck, depending on the gun I'm carrying. If OWB then a Blackhawk! Serpa CQC with the Belt loop attach.

    Those are my favorite two.
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    I bought one several months ago for my Ruger SR9. I gave it to my son for his SR40 after I bought a Sticky holster. I like the Crossbreed ST a lot, but the Sticky fits my needs better.

  11. I decided to try out a Crossbreed Supertuck for my IWB holster. It is the most comfortable holster I have ever owned. It does a great job concealing my Walther pps 40 S&W, I can even tuck in my shirt without spoting.

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