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Thread: Responsibility of passengers to notify

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen:218764
    Quote Originally Posted by Horkos:218760
    Quote Originally Posted by oOHsSNAP:218756
    But isn't the point of concealed that no one knows? If that is the case the driver would not know.
    The "point of concealed" varies from state to state, person to person and is irrelavent. The driver should always be aware of everything occuring in and around his vehicle.
    playing devils advocate..

    do you believe a store manager (privately owned to make it simple) should also be told you are ccw. They should know everything going on in and around their store. Most replies have been, there has to be a legal sign, or they will ignore it, some ignore it anyways because concealed is concealed and they would never know.

    What does the law state about passenger notification?

    Notify if it says you have to, don't if it says you don't.
    The question was in relation to passengers in a vehicle. "What if" senerios can be played all day long. If a dude steps foot in my truck or my home and doesn't tell me he's carrying, there will be an issue. And all this cop hating B.S. is starting to piss me off. Yes, there are bad cops. But there a greater majority good than bad. I would sooner trust a good cop who follows the law and is professional and respectful when doing his job. Who doesn't believe in my right to carry, than half the keyboard crackpots that vomit their self proclaimed expertise here. There has to be a balance. I'm not talking about being a political moderate. I'm a whole hearted conservative. But I am also an adult. And all this "authority is bad" crap is stupid. There is more drama here than at a teenage girl sleep over. The crap we go trhough as legal carry citizens may be tragic. But thats no excuse to act like bunch whiny grade school children. Barry sucks, most of the government sucks, some cops suck, all this crap were already know. Quite whining about it and do something. Support and appreciate those in authority that do the right thing. Just because onedog bites you, are you going to say all dogs are dangerous man eaters and should be put down. No, of course not. It makes absolutly no sense to hide the fact that you are legally carrying a firearm from the law.
    Until proven different in a court of law. That LEO is at that moment in the right no matter what. Or at least that should be your perspective when handling the situation. Whats that saying..."you might beat the charges but you can't beat the ride down". If the cop wantsto make a big deal. Be respectful, curtious, and complient, make some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show. If you are wronged, then you've got something to ***** about. You expect everybody in the country who doesn't know you to trust you with a firearm, to give you the benefit of the doubt. But everytime the opportunity rises you pounce on cops. Judging all cops evil gun grabbers and racist even before the stroy ends. This and a few other issue of stupidity are to becoming to much for me. This was supposed to be a place to enjoy jaw jacken with others about my passion. There's just to much stupid in here, I can't breath. To some I say thanks to others I say good riddens.

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    I'm going to go with notify as well. As to the methodology of this - when the officer approaches the driver...the driver should hand over his license and all carry permits (his own and passengers too).

    If the driver does not know you're armed (not unreasonable if a you as passenger are riding with new friends or have REALLY kept the fact that you carry under wraps)...then YOU should advise the driver as he's pulling over, and hand up your permit to him.

    Cops are human. Good cops can have bad days. In my experience, a simple courteous notification will go a LONG way towards de-fusing any misunderstandings 99.9% of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Horkos View Post
    Being that the driver is typicaly the first person the LEO talks to. The driver should inform him of all those armed in his vehicle.
    You tell the cop that I'm armed. and we are going to have a problem.

    If the cop isn't adressing me I'm not part of the stop. If his attention turns to me I follow state law. IOW unless I am in a state that requires me to notifiy the cop I'm armed I'm not saying a word
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    In NY there is no requirement for anyone to disclose the CCW to LE. But if he asks you to step out of the car you should place both hands on the wheel, inform him you're armed and ask for instructions.

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    It depends on what State you are pulled over in. Some States make it manitory to notify LEOs , while others do not.

    I have found out that notifying LEOs that you are armed is always an good Idea. Better to air on the side of caution, than to have the LEOs find it out on their own.

    Example, lets say the driver has warrants out for his arrest it would be good that you notified them before, the situation got out of hand

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    What if your passenger wouldn't want you to notify the Leo that he is carrying, then how is it ok for you to do that? He is really no threat to you or the Leo so let your passenger decide if he would like to disclose that information. But if the officer asked you if there are any weapons in the car the right choice would be to tell him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    What does the law state about passenger notification?

    This right here.

    Of the 10 states that require notification, it all depends on how the statute is written. I know some say "when addressed by the officer"...others, OH specifically, says driver AND passengers most immediately notify.

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    In Oklahoma, you notify at first contact with LEO. If you are in a car and a LEO approaches, you notify.
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    Horkos, calm down! You must have meant to post this in another thread. In this one, I did not notice anybody suggesting to challenge authority.
    I agree that most cops are good and that we should cooperate when they are doing the right thing. However, you would be unnecessarily complicating things to say something like "Oh yeah, other people in the car are carrying, too". If the law doesnt require it, keep your mouth shut.

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    Sorry, my mistake, Horkos. I reread, and saw where two people were sort of saying you can't trust cops.

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