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    I have had mine for about a month now. I really like it for hot weather summer carry. The belt holster is outstanding for easy carry pretty much out in the open, it looks like a electronic device case and draws no notice with little or no additional cover. Mine has about 200 rounds through it and has proven to be pickey about ammo. FTE and FTF with cheap FMJ stuff. 100% with quality self defense like Hornady Critical Defense fodder. I must say that at any reasonable range the accuracy is outstanding for a gun of this type. Over all I think its a great value for the money and would recomend it to anyone looking for a good light duty summer gun. My main carry in cooler weather is a .357 Mag Pug Cross Breed rig but its just to much for really hot days that require lighter clothing to be any where near comfortable.
    Guzzirider, I forgot about the "holster" that came with it - that's a cool little nylon square brick that allows you to push it up through the bottom to pop it out quickly and it is completely discreet - it looks no different than any other electronic POS that you carry around on your belt - absolutely no "weapon here" telegraph.

    My TCP/738 wasn't fed hollowpoints until it handled a ton of fmj round point that was really easy to feed. Now it's all broken in and will feed anything. Hornady Critical Defense, Federal, or any +P ammo cycles just fine. I also wanted a challenge and so chose this weapon to qualify for my CCW and even impressed the LEO that ran the class and the range. They both had not seen the gun yet and both asked to fire mine on the range after the class was over. They both said they had never been impressed by a .380 but liked this one for simplicity and were surprised by accuracy.

    All-in-all, a great warm weather, easy to wear main gin or a backup.
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    i noticed with mine i had to polish up the feed ramp with a dremel for it to take hollowpoints other then that it runs smooth even after several hundred rounds at the range

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