Taurus TCP .380
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    Taurus TCP .380

    I just bought my wife a Taurus TCP .380, I was wondering if anyone had any issues with them, I haven't took it the range yet. thanks for your help

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    The TCP when new is very tight and needs to be shot to get it comfortable to shoot, perhaps 50-100 rounds. Mine had no issues nor did any of the ones bought by people I know. Magazine springs compacted well and took all rounds first time. Slide racked clean, ejected empty brass and stripped new round from magazine perfectly from first shot. Sights are non-adjustable - just a notch rear and post sight cast into the top of the slide, so you'll have to make adjustments yourself for any distance more than about 10-15 feet. For any distance shooting, I would suggest the addition of a micro laser. Breakdown and cleaning were per the enclosed book and took just seconds. It cleaned up and reassembled easily.

    On the range, I was actually able to qualify for my CCW with this little gun. I won't tell you it shoots 1" groups, but it constantly stayed in the 9-ring with 2-shot bursts and the 8-ring with quick fire 5-shot groups. This is with what I call "Bag Ammo" - the stuff you pick up at gun shows that's in polypropylene bags and is generally dirt cheap - and during its break-in period.

    I hope you enjoy yours and have a hassle-free shooting experience like I have!
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    I have owned my TCP/738 for nearly two years now, and I've never had FTF, FTE. My little .380 is my EDC pocket pistol. I bought my 46 yr old daughter her own pocket carry TCP/732 .32acp for her birthday this year and she loves it!
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    Ya know, I've heard for years about how "cheap" Taurus' manufactures were. Having now a total of three in my "stable" with nary a problem one with any of them..... I have to suggest that perhaps the "trash talking" about them were only "Elitist" utterings. (PT-58, PT-92 and a "Tracker" 357 7 shooter)

    For the price..... amongst the best in the world as far as I am concerned.

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    TekGreg, I had to laugh, I qualified for my CCW with my PT738, I had the best score. I also have the PT740 and PT709. All have performed great.

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    I've had mine over a year, with about 400 rounds through it. It does not do well with cheap stuff, like the Russian stuff from Cabela's, but does fine with any of the name brand, from Winchester, Remington, Corbon DX, Federal. I'm sure it'd do good with all other brands of good ammo. I'm very happy with it -- and want to buy a second one because they're so easy to carry and conceal.

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    My wife and I have had our 738s for a while really since they first hit dealer's shelf's, until they had 200- 250 or so rds threw them they were fussy, now 2 years later they have had well over 1000 rds threw each, and are totaly reliable,seem to eat any ammo, we carry them as back ups, while certainly leathal enough, we just don't trust a 380 in general as a main carry weapon, and gkeil961, when you go to the range bring as least 200 rds with you and shoot it, till your finger get sore from loading the mags, and be wary not to "limp wrist" the gun its real suseptable, and you have to keep a very firm grip or it may jamb, FTF or FTE

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    I recently went thru a box of 50 federal lawman rounds that my friend at gander mountain gave me when i purchased my tcp. It was fine at first, but toward the end of the box I started having misfires. I kinda chaulked it up to maybe the ammo got it too dirty and went home and cleaned it. I have not had a chance to get out to the range and fire it since then. Im hoping the cleaning is all that was needed as I seen so many many good reviews on the tcp.

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    Well took my wife and her TCP 380 to the range today, shot 150 rounds of federal, flawless and more accurate then I thought.... Of course I couldn't let out my Glock 26 Gen 4, and need I say that 100 rds, flawless and extremely accurate... Braggin ;)

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    I have had mine for about a month now. I really like it for hot weather summer carry. The belt holster is outstanding for easy carry pretty much out in the open, it looks like a electronic device case and draws no notice with little or no additional cover. Mine has about 200 rounds through it and has proven to be pickey about ammo. FTE and FTF with cheap FMJ stuff. 100% with quality self defense like Hornady Critical Defense fodder. I must say that at any reasonable range the accuracy is outstanding for a gun of this type. Over all I think its a great value for the money and would recomend it to anyone looking for a good light duty summer gun. My main carry in cooler weather is a .357 Mag Pug Cross Breed rig but its just to much for really hot days that require lighter clothing to be any where near comfortable.

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