How to legaly carry a weapon in a car
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Thread: How to legaly carry a weapon in a car

  1. How to legaly carry a weapon in a car

    I live in NC, and have a ccw permit, but what happens when you get into a car? Does the ccw permit cover this, or what is the procedure for this situation?

  3. it doesn't change anything. if you get pulled over,roll window half way down place both hands on the steering wheel and dont make any sudden moves. tell the LEO that you have a permit and have a concealed firearm. if you are in a car titled to you the LEO will already know you have a permit and if you dont tell them you will be in hot water

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    Even if you don't have a gun with you it is a good idea to tell them you don't have one.

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    In NC, permitee can carry on his person, or carry a handgun open or concealed anywhere in his vehicle. There are really no restrictions regarding how or where a permitee can car carry in his vehicle.

    And since NC is an open carry state, even a non-permitee can openly carry a handgun in his vehicle

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