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Thread: Where do you keep your firearms when sleeping

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastOkHotRod:219807
    LO! Another neophyte enters the fray!

    Asleep or awake, my guns are always in the same position. I sleep NUDE, except for my gunbelt and legwarmers.

    Holstered on my right hip is my dependable Ruger Super Redhawk chambered in .480 Ruger. On my left hip is my back-up-gun, a .500 Smith and Wesson.
    On my right ankle is my anemic Colt Combat Commander. On my left ankle is my impotent .357 Colt Python.

    The guns are secondary to my CCW badges. I have one on each holster.

    But I daresay any thug who enters my house will be too awed by the sight of my lengthy manhood to even consider aggressive action.

    Face it, if you have a half-yard of man-meat ready to deploy at any time, mere firearms are just accessories.
    Come on a half yard ???? Whooo that's a bit extreme , but the holsters on ready five now that's awesome :)

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    In my hand finger off trigger of course :)

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    Night stand Gun Safe, Shotgun next to night stand, this assumes you make it past the two attack dogs that sleep at the foot of the bed all sons over 25 no kids at home when awake on hip. Other security items await some fool to find.

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    Holstered on the bed next to me, one in the chamber.

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    No kids in my house anymore..

    I have a holster mounted on the side of the nightstand between the nightstand and the bed.. The gun goes in there.. I like this arrangement because it is not obvious.. IF someone should get into my room at night (or any other time), I don't want them to see the gun before I wake up (I am a sound sleeper).
    This scenario is not likely to happen, as I have an alarm and two doxie dogs, but just in case, I like the gun out of sight, but very available.

    +1 on the training for the daughter.. We can tell our kids about guns until we are blue in the face.. Only training truly helps them to understand..

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  7. No children at home.
    On the bed stand, loaded and chambered.
    An optimist, is someone that doesn't know all the facts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig1911 View Post
    This is a bit off topic, but it's a related suggestion. If you have not done so already, I suggest you have your daughter take a gun safety course (with you would be best) and then accompany you to the range. Help her learn how to shoot and to understand how guns operate, what happens when you pull the trigger, etc. I think that in most circumstances it is best to take the mystery out of firearms for kids, so that they have a very concrete understanding of the need to interact safely with them.
    Quoted for +1.

    I'm different....I keep mine in my boot next to the bed. I wear cowboy boots daily. When they come off they are next to the bed. If I need a gun in the middle of the night, it comes out without making a noise that the drawer of the night stand may potentially make.

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    .45 on the nightstand. The rest stay in the safe with my Mossy 500 in the front and ready to go.
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    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    Not to spoil the party here, but I bet I could talk your daughter into getting dad's gun; Sorry, but I don't think words from a parent work on any child versus temptation or 'dares' from a peer, no matter how great they are.
    The idea from Sig1911 is not a bad one.
    I sleep alone in my house - no kids, no others - so Moss 500 in bed with me, G21 in GunVault under bed cabled to the floor, G23 (carry) under the pillow. All hot. Let the fun begin.

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    Differernt idea

    If worried about 10 year old stick a can of wasp/hornet spray on nite stand for protection that way she won't mess with it cuz she can read label and B.G. gets hurt burns like Crap !

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