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Thread: Where do you keep your firearms when sleeping

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    I don't sleepwalk. I am sure of it, I would have noticed.

    Jokes aside, gun under the pillow, no thanks. That seems a wee bit too dangerous to me.

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    One somewhere within reach, rest locked up nearby.

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    that's crazy..under the pillow! keep it on the nightstand next to the bed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig1911 View Post
    This is a bit off topic, but it's a related suggestion. If you have not done so already, I suggest you have your daughter take a gun safety course (with you would be best) and then accompany you to the range. Help her learn how to shoot and to understand how guns operate, what happens when you pull the trigger, etc. I think that in most circumstances it is best to take the mystery out of firearms for kids, so that they have a very concrete understanding of the need to interact safely with them.
    Excellent advice!

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    Im with CHE, I thought that was somewhat of a joke since it seems dangerous to me. Im move around and toss & turn when sleaping so it can NOT be in the bed. Our headboard has plenty of space and storage. I keep mine on the headboard of the bed pushed all the way back to the dowels.

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    Have a large 4-poster bed which, after I made a nice leather belt to fit the 8" poster, allows me to keep the .44 holstered right in reach by my head but below visual range for anyone just entering the bedroom. The 1911 carry sits hidden (but within quick easy reach by my chair) in the front room for the possibility of intrusion while we are in that room.

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    I have a holster mounted to the back side of my night stand so the person standing at my bedroom door could bot see it with a 1911 double stack with night sights one in the pipe

  9. I keep mine in a push button safe

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  10. My wife keeps her M&P 40 in her night stand while my 1911 rests comfortably on my night stand next to my cell phone and flashlight

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    With 4 kids in the house my EDC is either in my holster, in my hand, or in the safe. No chances. None. Ever. Not with kids.

    It takes me 5 seconds to get it from the secure location. Our German Shepherd should slow them down at least that long. I highly recommend getting a dog if you do not already have one. A large breed with protection instinct is ideal, but even a little yippy dog will wake you up, and that may be all the advantage you need.

    Back on topic...

    Kids are curious. They will investigate anything mysterious. And on Saturdays (or during thunderstorms, or when they have a bad dream, or when they don't feel well) they get up before you and come into your bed. Bad situation if they startle you and you've got a firearm nearly in your hand.

    I'm of course training my 4 kids in firearms safety. Every chance I get. Even my four year-old knows that I carry my "shoot gun", and not to ever touch it if she were to see it. But until they're adults, I'm the one that's ultimately responsible for their safety.

    20 years from now, when they're out of the house, maybe I'll relocate the EDC. We'll see.

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