Where do you keep your firearms when sleeping
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Thread: Where do you keep your firearms when sleeping

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    Where do you keep your firearms when sleeping

    I just wanted to get everyones opinions on where they keep their firearms when asleep.... I have a 10 year old girl, who knows that I have a firearm, and knows that she is not too touch daddys gun, unless I am there..... My firearm is never out of my sight, if I'm awake, it is on me at all times...if I am in bed, I keep it on my nightstand, within arms reach of me....... I have a G26 Gen 4, I always keep it "condition 1" not that makes any difference.....

    Thanks for all opinions in this matter

  3. My Glock 23 stays under my pillow when I sleep. One in the chamber.

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    This is a bit off topic, but it's a related suggestion. If you have not done so already, I suggest you have your daughter take a gun safety course (with you would be best) and then accompany you to the range. Help her learn how to shoot and to understand how guns operate, what happens when you pull the trigger, etc. I think that in most circumstances it is best to take the mystery out of firearms for kids, so that they have a very concrete understanding of the need to interact safely with them.

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    1911 in holster, tucked between the mattress and bed frame. Just need to reach down the side of the bed to get to it. Clambered of coarse, safety on.

  6. On the nightstand next to me

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    In a safe next to the bed. It is one of the finger keyed safes.

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    In a holster in the nightstand.

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    In the nightstand.
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    Under my pillow, one in the chamber of course.

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    Nightstand. Plus I have a CX4 in a rifle rack next to the bed. But we have it easy since we have no kids but lots of dogs and they don't have opposable thumbs. If they did we'd have lots of shot up cats lying around in the yard.

    Best thing you can probably do is take your kid shooting and make it understand just what's what. Second best would be a biometric pistol vault, IMHO.

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