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    My wife and I are senior citizens. Our friends have either moved out of state or passed away. We would like to get our permits, but have no other references but our children, and we would rather not because, with the exception of one they hold different beliefs then us and don't believe in having firearms in the home. Please help us what should we do?
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    Sir, can you provide more details please on NH law? I take it you need some sort of references? How many? Must they be NH residents? Anything else??

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    I have a nonresident New Hampshire carry permit and was able to use anyone for a reference. The resident permit application looks to be the same as the nonresidential in this regard.

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    You can download the permit application from the New Hampshire part of the "Concealed carry permit info" page on this site if you still need an application.

  6. Thank you for responding Gconn. All the application asks for is the name and addresses of three references. It has no exceptions, like relatives, etc. Must I fill all three? It doesn't clarify.

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    If you want a permit, and your children don't share your views, go ahead and get the permit and explain to your children that you agree to disagree. As for as the references issue, can you go to a couple of your neighbors? Usually family members can not be references. Good luck with your permit.
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  8. David4057 - Personally, I absolutely "would" supply three if it asks for three. The less questions they might ask you the better, in my opinion. I certainly understand not wanting to involve anyone else, but unless you and whatever State Police or court clerk staff you may have to go through are on speaking terms ("know" each other, or at least have spoken before) I would not want to give them the opportunity to ask you any "other" questions...I wouldn't want to have any "Red Flags" raised before me. Sounds as if you could include at least ONE of your children (no?), which leaves you only needing two more. I would think your doctor would understand any apprehension/anxiety/etc. you might feel at times, of you and your wife being "seniors" alone in this world (?) ... and then you're down to one...your banker, maybe? Surely he/she understands "Security". What about a lawyer you may have had contact with in the past? Someone else here mentioned "neighbor(s)"? Personally my pastor here in VA is someone I could go to, as he owns a pistol (for target/range) himself. There must be one other person you could enlist the help of...yes?

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    As far as downloading NH state forms from anywhere but nh.gov, I recommend not to. Make sure any NH state forms you download are directly downloaded from the State of NH at nh.gov/safety.

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    Yes you need to have three,and yes they do check !I've had one for 29 yrs.in N.H. and they still check on all three so don't mess and do it right !

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    I know the NH permit requires 3 references. But I don't think they all have to be in NH. Just make sure you provide good references, regardless of where they are located.
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