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Thread: Warning: Oregon does *NOT* have reciprocity!

  1. Danieljoe,

    The only place that you can't "open carry" in Oregon are a select few cities. (Portland and Salem are the big ones along the major highways, although the Portland suburbs of Tigard, Beaverton, and Oregon City also bar open carry.) Also note that this prohibition only applies to *LOADED* weapons. If you have a revolver, removing the rounds would be necessary (but you can keep a prepped speed-loader,) for a semi-automatic, you do need to both remove the magazine, and empty the magazine.

    So if you have both a revolver and a semi, lock the semi away in the middle of Oregon, and unload the revolver when you're about to hit Salem (but keep a speedloader handy.)

    Again, the STATE allows open carry, but allows individual cities to bar *LOADED* open carry. Simplest solution is to open carry an unloaded revolver with a speedloader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danieljoe1 View Post
    I wish that OR would have recognized my NV CCW last Feb when I had to go to WA for my oldest son. Open Carry is all good, but when Im not allowed to have my pistol loaded in the cab of my pickup without a CCW, thats the issue. In all reality I should drive up and take a CCW class to get my Non-Res permit, but Im not in OR enough to justify it.
    At least, since you live in a border state, you can do that. I can't get a non-resident because my state doesn't share a border with Oregon. I think that is asinine. Just another state I can't cc in.
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    I was only driving through the state, so I really didnt get concerned over where I could carry or not. I was more interested in the laws of passing through. What I remember, and it has been a while, is that I was not allowed to have a loaded pistol in the vehicle. I also had to have it in a locked box out of sight from persons outside my vehicle if I were to be away from it. I could be mistaken in what I remember, or what I read, but easier to go unarmed than to jail when my son needed me. Thank you for the information thou, I will try to remember that if I ever decide to come over for a visit instead of a drive through.
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    Liberal government is why I moved from the Portland area to another state.

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    In Oregon, you can carry a loaded pistol as long as it is visible, i.e. open carry, like on the dashboard.

    From the Oregon Firearms Federation:
    OREGON has no STATE law against carrying a loaded handgun in your car as long as it’s : (a) Not concealed or (b) “Not readily accessible.” “Not readily accessible" (for now) means: (4)(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this subsection, a handgun is readily accessible within the meaning of this section if the handgun is within the passenger compartment of the vehicle. (b) If a vehicle has no storage location that is outside the passenger compartment of the vehicle, a handgun is not readily accessible within the meaning of this section if: (A) The handgun is stored in a closed and locked glove compartment, center console or other container; and (B) The key is not inserted into the lock, if the glove compartment, center console or other container unlocks with a key. However, localities are allowed to regulate loaded firearms in “public places” which now includes your car. This only applies to people without CHL’s.
    So you need to check local regulations. In Portland, for example, you may not have a loaded gun anywhere in your car and you may not even have loaded magazines separate from the handgun. It must still, however, be either visible or “not readily accessible."
    State Law.

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