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Thread: When you carry do you have a round in the chamber?

  1. I'm new to firearms and awaiting ccl. In the meantime, I practice carrying everyday around the house or our property. When I first started learning firearms, I didn't keep one in the chamber. I thought I should build up my training and confidence. I did that. I also saw an instructional video of how little time one has to rack the slide when being attacked. I was convinced and now always have one in the chamber. (I'll try to find it and post a link). I feel it does make sense to wait until you feel confident with your firearm and all the rules of safety before doing it, but try to get there quickly because it really makes sense to have one in the chamber.

  3. I carry chambered with both my Springfield Micro Compact and my Sig P250. The Micro Compact is cocked and locked with the thumb safety and the P250 has no safety but a looooong trigger. Both are in a good holster with the trigger covered. I also practice my draw to ensure my finger does not touch the trigger during the draw. I feel this offers me the most security.

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    If I am carrying my Beretta, I have it chambered with the safety on. If I am carrying my Glock, it is not chambered. I am researching aftermarket safeties for my Glock, so some day I can safely carry it chambered.

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    I understand, I was that way when I first got my Springfield 1911, then after some practice and range time I realized you can thumb the safety off as your unholstering very easly, so now its cocked and locked

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    Out of any 100 responses to this topic you will get 90 people that do carry chambered, 3 who don’t and the other 7 will be telling the 3 what idiots they are for not carrying chambered.

    Bottom line, if you’re not comfortable carrying a gun w/ a round in the chamber don’t carry that gun
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    keep your finger off the trigger and you won't have a problem ... if you pull the gun you should keep your finger off the trigger.

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    Practice your draw many times= muscle memory. Keeping the finger off the trigger. Use a snap cap to see if you fail.

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    Always carry one in the chamber

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    Lone Wolf Distributors has an excellent trigger well insert for Glocks. I use one on the rare occasions when carrying off body, in a Maxpedition Versipack. Otherwise I have a 19 with a round chambered carried securely in a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe.
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  11. Yes

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