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Thread: When you carry do you have a round in the chamber?

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    I always carry with a round chambered. Either my Sig in double action or my Smith & Wesson M&P 9.

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    Carrying with an empty chamber is like using a whiffle bat to hit a baseball. Find a reliable safe weapon that has a decocker/transfer plate, a good semiauto DA. A DA revolver is good too. Keep your finger off the trigger. Train, train, train. Practice everyday. Go to the range. When and if the time comes, racking the slide will not be on your mind...you're going to end up pulling a dead trigger. An F-14 doesn't fly over Baghdad without missles. Carry on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    Cocked Locked and Loaded, if you need a reminder your gun is loaded all the time you don't need to be carrying a gun. If you are one of the hundreds of folks I have seen at gun shows picking up a weapon and placing finger on the trigger while you point the gun in every direction, you are to stupid to have a weapon in your possession.

    Oh and BTW I have been carrying with one in the pipe since 1970 and have had my carry permit since 1986 in Florida , and NO mishaps and two saves .

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    Condition 3: Chamber empty, Full Mag
    Barrett Powell

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    You kinda kicked the hornet's nest there. Most people that carry carry with one in the pipe but you will inevitably get some that swear that the "Israeli Draw" is the way to go ... yadayadayada ...

    Handle the weapon with focus and care and you will not have any accidents.

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    my Kahr pm9 also has no safety, but i feel it's almost useless to carry if it's not ready to shoot when u need it. a round in the chamber is the way they're meant to b carried. just practice drawing with an empty weapon, and b careful when carrying and no accidents will happen. accidents happen to people who get too comfortable and become careless.

  8. I carry a Glock 26, in a crossbreed IWB holster....and YES always one in the chamber!

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    Glock22, Kramer IWB, 1.5 inch 5.11 Trainer Belt, make sure all my equipment is in good working order and always carry a round in the chamber. With the proper equipment and training there is no more reason to be afraid of a firearm with a chambered round than a car that has gas in the tank. Less really, cars are much more deadly.

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    I carry with one in the pipe at all times. I carry an xdm9

  11. Pull trigger gun goes boom
    Don't pull trigger gun doesint go boom
    Keep your gun ready finger off the trigger and your fine
    nice gun by the way

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