When you carry do you have a round in the chamber?
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Thread: When you carry do you have a round in the chamber?

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    When you carry do you have a round in the chamber?

    I know that this had been asked before but I was wanting to know for safety sake if you carry with a round in the chamber, I have heard horror stories of people shooting themselves either holstering or drawing their weapon. I do not have a thumb safety on my pistol. I carry a Smith &Wesson M&P 40 pro and do not want to shoot myself in the leg. I am fairly new to carrying a pistol so your opinions are needed.

  3. If you keep the handgun in the holster you won't have a problem of touching the trigger and causing a discharge.
    Most everyone carries with a loaded chamber. ;-)

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    When I carry my Ruger LC9, I carry with the safety on and a round in the chamber. When I carry my S&W M&P40 which has no safety, I do not carry a round in the chamber.
    Alan, TN

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    Chambered round

    I do think and think ( if ) confronted by B.G. You will have to jack a round if not there. my suggestion practice drawing without rounds for smooth draw. I carry all the time 40 cal. Glock internal safety

  6. I carry a Glock 26 and Sig Sauer P226 which doesnt have a safety of any kind and I always have 1 in the chamber . If you practice proper firearms safety then you will have no problems. Make sure when you draw or holster your firearm you have your trigger finger alongside the frame or on the slide as you do it.
    If you have and don't have a round in the chamber you might as well not carry because your can't tell a work "time out I need to chamber a round to shoot you....ok proceed". If you haven't take a carry course .
    Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

    Good luck

  7. always, every gun

    I've got two guns that I use primarily as carry guns, and another two that I use for occasional competition and home defense. In all four cases, including the one with no safety (Ruger LCP) they sit with a round in the chamber. If you practice safe drawing habits (as in, don't put your finger on the trigger until the gun is pointed at the object you want to shoot) you shouldn't have to worry about it. On my Mil Pro I've programmed my fingers so that my index finger is on the "pad" above the trigger guard as I draw, my thumb flicks the safety on the way up and out, and as soon as the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction just a quick tightening of my index finger slips it off the "pad" and onto the trigger, where a continued tightening will eventually discharge a round. It's all in how you program your muscle memory prior to taking a shot.

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    I carry a Taurus 709 Slim that has redundant safety features including a manual safety lever. I always keep a round in the chamber when I carry and I always keep the manual safety on. I also have never touched the trigger on that pistol except when at the range firing it or when cleaning it. You have to understand firearm safety before you carry or you put yourself in danger. Without a round in the chamber while carrying, you might as well leave the weapon at home in a safe.

  9. Train, train,train!!! Once you train yourself finger always off the trigger, when you holster and draw, you will not have any issues.

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    Most of the time no. As for people having these accidents while holstering and drawing their weapons...perhaps they shouldn't be practicing their quick draw and leave it holstered until they actually need it. lol
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    I started with no safety, empty chamber, super-easy slide. Absolutely did not want an accidental discharge (I carry in a bag). Once I tried all the different combos at the range, I settled on half-cock, loaded chamber, no safety. I found that the trigger pull was plenty heavy enough that an AD was highly unlikely.

    It really depends on your gun's features, and the way you opt to carry it.

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