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  1. I'll be carrying for the first time soon. It will definitely take some time to get used to it!

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    Even if your gun prints a little bit, most people will not notice because they wont follow you around staring at your waistline wondering what is on your belt. If a person did notice something, most people would not automatically assume its a gun.
    And after all, you are carrying for you. Dont be concerned about what random people think if they notice you are carrying a concealed gun.

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    It takes time:

    I've been carrying for about 7 years with a Michigan license. The first few times I carried I felt totally weird. For the first 52 years of my life what I was doing was a felony and suddenly it wasn't. It takes time to adjust. The fact that I was carrying what I had at the time, a S&W .357 Model 28, didn't make it easier. Pretty hard to conceal. Now I carry an LCP.

  5. Welcome to the club!

    I echo was others have said. you will spend money on holsters you never use and will change how you dress. Try several types of holsters for different carrying needs until you find what you like and buy clothes that will help conceal. I highly advise a gun belt if you don't have one already. Many look like regular belts these days so fashion shouldn't be an obstacle. Try not to tug on your shirt or touch the gun to much to make sure it's covered. It's a giveaway. After you carry for a bit you will know what works and what doesn't. I like the current line of tuck-able IWB my self.

    Also, be careful when you travel out of your state. I live near NY and NJ and have been advised to leave my hollow points and high cap magazines at home when traveling under the "peaceable journey" laws. If you haven't already please read up on it. There are lot's of horror stories about decent people getting put in jail.

    I agree with Iam2Taz. Don't tell anyone nor show anyone unless you know they are also a shooter and have no problem with citizens going about armed. This is especially true at work. I wouldn't even talk about guns at work in case you are over heard. Some people are passionately afraid of them and will literately freak. Know the law and be prepared to explain the law and why you carry in a calm manner if needed.

    Do not use the gun as a threat unless you are seriously afraid for your life. Don't even hint you have one as it can be seen as a "threat with a deadly weapon" even if it never leaves the holster. Your pride might get hurt but walk away if you can.

    Just because you have a gun, please let law enforcement help you when needed and where possible. For example, don't enter a building where bad guys may be unless someone is in danger. Don't clear your own house if you think it's been broken in to. Call the cops and let them clear it. There are more examples but you get the idea. Cops usually do things in pairs for a reason and have been trained for such events.

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    Welcome to CC club. Just a question, is it legal to carry in a fair? (I know...this is a good place for a whacko to show up but the legality of it is and the implications later is what concerns me here...)
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    My first time out I did the Wally Walk. You will be surprised how people don't pay any attention. You think it sticks out like a red flag but only you know. I carry IWB with a Kel-Tec PF-9 and with shorts and a T-Shirt there is nothing at all. Black or a heavy print shirt helps conceal better than plain white. Over time it will be second nature to carry and you will notice it more when you don't...like somethings missing.

    Good luck,
    In any situation I can: Say nothing..which is cowardly, Lie..which is immoral or tell the truth..which will upset people.

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    Well said matt....first time i ventured out legal was 14 years ago.....was driving a Cab at the time. It was against company policy to carry, but not against the law, 1. because I was an Ind Contractor, and 2. I had a carry permit. I was a little nervous, but of course now strapping up my .40 is as common as putting my wallet in my pocket. I got used to it very quickly. Wouldn't have it any other way now. Carry On.

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    My first was Home Depot or Albertsons or someplace like that. Close to home and just out shopping.

    I read a post here on USACarry about one of our members waking up to find a strange man on top of her, in her own home. I had a discussion with my wife about home security and at that point decided to wear it full time when allowed.

    Ever since I have been checking into where I can and cant carry legally here in Wa.

  10. Congrats on finally giving yourself a fighting chance I was very excited about being able to save my own life I wear the best clothing I can to camaflauge my weapon and keep my eyes open for danger good luck be safe

  11. I remember my first time carrying concealed lol. You kinda get over the jitters. Just be aware of your surroundings and youll be fine.

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