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Thread: CC in the lovely heat in fl

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    Cargo shorts with an LCP in a Desantis pocket holster. Spare mag in other front pocket in Desantis pocket mag. holster. Business brings a .357 j frame is a Galco King Tuck,

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    Summer in Oklahoma is also pretty hot.

    LCR/G30/26 in OWB holster under loose t-shirt or fanny pack. LCR occasionally in pocket holster.


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    Don Hume iwb with s&w m&p (full size). In TX heat!

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    The reason I carry a j-frame in my front pocket is because I felt as though the "flatness" of my Kahr .380
    printed through my jeans too obviously. So the "unevenness" of the snubbie breaks up the outline to print less.
    But people really don't go around examining what people have in their pockets here in Florida!

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    G26 in a comp-tac Minotaur neutral cant at 1-2 o'clock. Always have a shirt beneath it and over it.

  7. And I just remembered it doesn't matter in for if your weapon shows .

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    I'm in shorts and light shirts in the summer. It gets hot in western Colorado too. I carry my Beretta Bobcat in a pocket holster in the shorts. This winter I'm going to look into a CC vest for the Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry.

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    Full size XD40 in a crossbreed super tuck. Shorts and A T-shirt no problem.

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