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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich M View Post
    Yes, my S&W Sigma in its OWB DeSantis hoster does print heavily if I dont have my belt tightened just beyond comfortable. I have been thinking about my options to solve that. Without talking to the guy, its hard to tell what he actually thought. These were my assumptions based on the interaction as it was. I also know mine is there and am somewhat paranoid that its showing to much. It may not show to a non carry person like it does to me, if that makes sense. But yes, Im looking to enhance the concealment factor.
    Yeah, i can appreciate that. Say, have you met anyone yet that uses the "SuperTuck" holster by Crossbreed. I've used it for years, so does one of my daughters now, and I'm not sure why anyone would want to CCW with much else. Works for me. Galco makes a model like it now called the "KingTuck" of which I use for a PM-9. I use the SuperTuck for the glocks. Anyway, I swear by them and have used thier customer service now once and they surprised the H-e-double toothpicks outa me with great service. (no, I don't know anyone at the company)

    Have a good day sir and enjoy the weather!
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    2)"Imagine how gun control might be stomped if GOA or SAF had the (compromising) NRA's 4 million members!" -Me.

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    Simple answer... I bought the holster off the shelf the day I bought the gun. I had never concealed carry before this gun and was not educated in what is available.

    It was a few weeks later that I found USACarry and have been learning ever since.

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    My 357 is my camping/hunting/hiking side kick. I go to sleep with it in my hand or under the pillow. State/fed laws bed----.

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    I'll be lookin into the Crossbreed here soon. I hear lots of good things. I like this one too. Maybe just not for a tee shirt holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton Felix View Post
    I'd say get the bear spray but don't leave the magnum behind. I've heard that bear generally don't like being sprayed, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. Also, I've heard that spraying it onto items is likely to just make the bear think "oh, he's seasoned it for me, now nice!"

    You must be older than I am. I turned 21 in 1975, have not been without a gun since. It's a Right, and it's also a Duty and a Reponsibility.
    Actually I turned 21 in August of 1976. I have had a gun of some kind since I was 14 in 1969. The bear spray is to avoid the killing of a bear that is either out of season or illegal(grizzly) and the hassel proving to 'fish and game' it was a self-defence situation. But if needed I will use lethal force to stay alive. I didnt know about spraying it on stuff. I learned something new. Thanks. And while I like to think Ive grown smarter and better looking with age my wife burst out laughing and said "dream a little dream". Oh well.

  7. The campground where I worked last summer was privately owned and "no firearms allowed". That was the posted rule but I never saw it enforced. Part of my job was an early morning patrol of the grounds to check for "animals" either 4 legged or left over party ones. I usually carried a Ruger 44 mag single action stuck behind my belt in front just in case I actually found one or the other. Campground was only 3/4 mile from National Forest along the easiest pathway to the Arkansas River so there was a good chance of meeting a large furry critter. When the larger groups of bikers were in camp, I often carried a Ruger 9mm with an extra mag or two. I ALWAYS carried a lodgepole pine walking stick of suitable size to use for a buffer or bluffer as needed.

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