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Thread: Right Choice?

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    Question Right Choice?

    Last Saturday my youngest son got married, his wife to be who is not anti gun requested no one wear their peace to the wedding or the reception after....

    I usually wear my HK USP .45 pancake strong side, and a iTAC dual mag pouch weak side, which requires a belt.....

    Wearing a tux prevents this, as they only have suspenders adding to the difficulty of CCW in a tux...

    So did I do the right thing, carrying the XDM .40 in a Galco shoulder rig with two spare 18 round mags rather than try and wear a belt with the HK ;-)
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    To answer your question, yes. You got me thinking though...but then you said shoulder rig and I had a "duh" moment.
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    "...who is not anti gun...". BS.

    Moving on, yes, you made a great choice.
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    Too bad for her. I'd respect somebody's wishes if they didn't want me to carry in their home, but my son's wedding?? Like I said, too bad.
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  6. Absolutely the right thing to do.

    If someone invites me into their home, they have a right to ask me to disarm. If they invite me to an event at a neutral location where carry is otherwise legal, it's none of their damned business whether or not I go heeled.

    BTW, I don't disarm when a homeowner asks me to. I simply leave and tell them they are welcome to visit me at my home...where there are lots more guns.

  7. I guess that means no shotgun wedding?

    You made the right choice.

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    Your overthinking it.

    if she is getting hitch to the boy, she is getting hitch with the steel too. :)

    Get used to it girl.

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    You did the right thing...If I am invited to any place and/or event, if the first rule is to leave my gun at home, I do not go. One reason -- if they trust me enough to invite me to their event and/or their place and the host knows I am carrying, why the heck should I be asked to not bring my gun with me? They invited me, they invited with my gun too. No compromise there. I CC so no one else will know anyway...
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    Why couldn't the HK go in a shoulder rig? I turn a deaf ear if they say no guns. My motto " If I'm waring pants, I'm waring a gun." " Get used to it or get lost."

  11. Sorry, but if my gun is not welcome, then I don't feel welcome either and will not attend.

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