Still praying in Il
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  1. Still praying in Il

    Here in Il and praying and wishing Chicago would get their **** together and pass the CCW. I would like to see them say hey we should since were the only state left and it would help with money into the state since we are the number one state in debt, but thats right the politicians would probably just pocket that money too.

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    I hear you, but I do not have a lot of hope at this time. Keep up the good fight and stay on your elected officials.

  4. I hear ya cripps72 but here in New Jersey we can't CCW either so you are not alone. Yes NJ is a May issue with an emphasis on May, you have to be in LE or retired in LE to get one. Citizens can get them but you need a good reason and unfortunately self defense isn't good enough here in New Jerkistan. What they consider a good reason I don’t know but, I do know self defense isn’t one of them. Well good luck to you and keep up the fight and get involved as I am here in The Peoples Republic of New Jersey.

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    Cripps...go cross the river and move to MO. Then you will not have to dream of having a CCW where you are. Anyway, welcome to this forum. We have good members here who you will learn from and pass on your knowledge to. Illinois is a lost cause when it comes to CCW. Sorry.
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