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  1. Anyone carrying SR9c

    What holster/placement do you use? Im looking for a good ankle holster. any ideas or experience?

  3. Im looking to carry the Ruger SR40c, so I want to be a part of this thread to keep updated if anyone answers. Im new to the concealed carry world.

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    I carry the sr9c with a Galco UDC (LH, I draw with my right), that I keep in the small of my back. Love it. If you want something for an ankle holster though I would not recommend it, unless you have really big ankles and don't mind walking with a limp :). For an ankle carry I have a KelTec P-3AT.

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    Lou Alesi makes a good ankle holster.

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    SR9C in a Crossbreed at about 3:30. My Crossbreed was for a G19 but it works just fine. Sold the SR9C to my friend. Why? Why? Why? Sweet gun easy to conceal.

  7. I agree with Kras. For me the SR9c is too heavy for continuous ankle carry unless you wear boots that would allow the weight of the SR9c to rest on or in it. I will carry a Kel-Tec PF9 or my Airweight S&W .38 revolver in my ankle holster but anything larger is just to heavy for me. The heavier pistols like the SR9c always seem to find the boniest part of my ankle and make carrying there very uncomfortable.

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