Ililnois, the last corrupt hold out
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Thread: Ililnois, the last corrupt hold out

  1. Ililnois, the last corrupt hold out

    49 states in our country realize that their citizens have an absolute right to carry weapons to protect themselves, one state does not. Why? One reason, and maybe the main one, is that the corrupt politicians haven't figured out how best to line their own pockets with a CCW law. I worked at a high security Federal Prison that had a sattelite camp for nopn-violent offenders. A low estimate of the inmates at any given time in the camp was 35% county and state officials from Illinois. Cook County's Deputy Sherriff, the second in charge of the county that contains all of Chicago, was my orderly (janitor) for the receiving and discharge area. The "Grey Lords" a never ending string of county and state judges were commited in groups of three or four at a time. Illinois residents, ever wonder why road construction goes on and on but never seems to get finished? That's because the state and county officials are pocketing kick back's from the construction companies and looking the other way while the State and Federal governments are being charged for three loads of gravel while only one is being delivered. Hearsay? Nope. I was the committing Officer when two brothers of the largest road construction in Northern Illinois got locked up. They got a couple of easy years and bragged how they made millions while being confined when they were released they were both picked up by limosine. I've strayed from the gun issue, but I wanted to demonstrate how Illinois elected officials view their constiuents and their rights. You folks think they care about your right of self-defense? You'll see a CCW in Illinois when you kick out about 90% of those crooks.

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    Yes, 49 states have a CCW law on the books, but there are states outside of Illinois that are just as bad or worse. Consider Hawaii, New Jersey, much of New York, and Maryland. These states may have a CCW law on the books, but they are de facto no-issue states.

  4. I'm all for Chicago succeeding from IL and becoming it's own entity like D.C. The rest of IL is pretty much like all the other midwest states.

  5. DC right up thete with the worst of them

    Its no cake walk to even own a gun in DC (CCW being illegal). You have to pay for ballistics tests to register any gun and need permission to change which room of the house it will be stored in. Corruption is a bit more rampant in our country then even the informed minority (Us Gun Nuts) can grasp.

    Hopefully things continue to change in our favor through awareness.


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    I've never really been into politics but that's down right sad that this is supposed to be the greatest country in the world. yet we have a state that won't even appreciate 2nd amendment. And other states that the only reason why politicians gave us the right to carry is to make money. Makes me sick.

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    A good part of the reason that Illinois does not have CCW, and severely restricts gun ownership, is that the state has 19 Congressional Districts in the United States House of Representatives. Of those 19 Congressmen, 6 are listed at "" website as socialists. The date on this report is August 15, 2010. I have not researched to see if the list has been updated, but corruption follows corruption, and I would hazard a guess that about the same percentage of STATE politicians are following their FEDERAL counterparts. If the ratio of State is the same as Federal,this 6 out of 19 ratio comes to 31% of the politicans in Illinois are SOCIALISTS. Good luck getting ANYTHING resembling freedom or citizen's rights from them.
    Let's hear it for Gun Free Zones... Public places where the criminal has a monopoly
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    US Constitution

    Any state, city, township, county that does not follow and live by the US Constitution should be dissolved. The territory should be divided up to the surrounding jurisdictions.
    As voters we can demand that from our legislators. This government is by the people and for the people. If our legislators do not produce than we need to replace them. I know I will be replacing every person in office that runs in 2012 election.
    Recently I proposed my feelings to a senator in Michigan. She told me she did not like that idea. She said she would vote the way she liked. I followed that email up with my response. How she feels does not have anything to do with it. As a senator she needs to keep a tally of, for and against and bills or laws. The outcome of her tally is the way she votes on any matters.
    This is our country and we need to take it back and make sure we keep it.
    Beware of your surroundings

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    Corruption is very hard to root out. Even in the very small town I live in grant money dissappears and anybody who questions it or other things such as the aquiring and partial restoration of an old building for $2,000,000 for new business, but with NO new businesses at all since the project started 8 years ago, that person is threatened or even ridiculed in the media. I say this because the media is really a FOURTH branch of government. How much of the time do you hear about gun owners defending themselves in Chicago(or elsewhere for that matter) vs accidents and crimminal misuse of guns?

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    Can we just sell Illinois to Canada? Or even Mexico?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC Tiger View Post
    Can we just sell Illinois to Canada? Or even Mexico?
    +1 but how?
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