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    Insurance Question

    Just curious how many of you have insurance specifically for concealed carry situations. If so what type? I know there is Self Defense Shield(USCCA), CHLPP, the NRA's, MMD, and the ACLDN just to name a few. I keep going back and forth on the idea of coverage but haven't pulled the trigger yet. (Pun intended)

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    tcox4freedom recommended this to me, but I haven't pulled any triggers either....

    Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

    I think I to should seriously consider something.
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    In looking at Pre Paid Legal Services, I don't see any mention of firearms or possible felonies. I personaly would want someone experienced in self defense shootings. I've considered The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network simply for the fact that the list is chosen for just that criteria. You wouldn't want a foot doctor when you have a brain tumor.

  5. I would obtain insurance that offers coverage for both criminal and civil issues. I have not researched what companies offer such a program.

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