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    Senior citizen?

    I live in Texas and am interested in a CHL. Texas has a reduced rate license for a senior citizen, but I can't find out what the age limit is. TxDPS website dosent't give me an answer. Any body know for sure what the age is?

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    Age is 60 for seniors state fee is $70.00.

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    Age 60 as Nightmare45 states is correct.
    I would go to TxDPS - Texas Department of Public Safety and click on CHL. Here you will get all the info you need including the entire CHL laws and penal codes. And you can also go to • Index page and find out a lot more including where and when are classes, training, and so on.

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    I want to thank those who answered my question about sr. citizen for Texas CHL. I can spend hours on some of these websites and find all the information I don't want and just miss what I am hunting for. Some day I may figure these things out, but I would rather just go out and shoot something. I love the smell of burnt powder even when it gives me a headache.

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    You are not alone my friend. I love the smell of burnt gunpowder at any time and I like you am a senior at the ripe old age of 65.

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