Fanny bag carry option or over the shoulder pistol bags??
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Thread: Fanny bag carry option or over the shoulder pistol bags??

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    Fanny bag carry option or over the shoulder pistol bags??

    can anyone recommend a fanny bag or pistol pack over the shoulder instead of around the waist. I want alternate options when my attire doesnt allow me to use my current holster??

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    I occasionally carry my .45 in a fanny pack. I think it's made by Galco. It has a stiff backing against the wearer's body, with the holster portion being made of a stretchy stuff that feels sort of like the material wet suits are made of.

    The holster portion closes with a double zipper. The most important part is the little cord that pulls through at the corner where the zips meet. You wear the bag to your left side. Then when you need to present the firearm quickly, you yank the cord with your left hand and cross-draw with the right hand.

    One concern I have with the fanny pack is that it holds the pistol in a horizontal position. So it's always pointed at whomever is to your left. Not ideal, which is why I don't wear it much. Also, because it takes two hands to quickly present your're at more of a disadvantage if one of your arms is injured before being able to get to your gun.

    While the fanny pack is not ideal - the shoulder bag is even less so. With the fanny pack, at least the pack is snug to your body and stays put. By contrast, a shoulder bag swings more freely, and you could more easily get tangled in the strap if you are knocked off balance. Also, depending on the bag, it may be even more difficult to access and present your firearm. One potential advantage is that often in a shoulder bag the firearm is carried barrel-down, which is a bit safer than barrel-horizontal.

    That's my $0.02 worth. :)
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    I use a Maxpedition Versapak to carry camera gear (extra lenses, flash, etc.) and my Glock 30. It works very well. It's not a fast draw but it's a heck of lot faster than going home or to the car to get your gun. The key is to have a gun.

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    +1 on maxpedition line. Look at the Sitka, Kodiak, gear slinger, and versipacks.

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    Coronado Leather used to make a leather backpack that had a built in holster pocket. Not sure if they still do though.

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    I also use the Maxpedition Versipack and love it. I wear it across my body, which makes it a little more secure than just over one shoulder, and I find it easy to draw from. I highly recommend it.

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    I have used a fanny pack for years at work; as a computer programmer it fits my geek persona, no one ever suspected that I was armed. I wear this one Gungear

    It comes in various colors and you can get contrasting accent colors, it remains understated and goes unnoticed. The fanny pack has a holster and magazine pouch which you can position inside via Velcro to maximize comfort and speed of the draw.
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    These sound like good options I'll have to check out soon.
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    I need a Hello Kitty Maxpedition.

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    After you buy a Maxpedition, run it over with the car, wash it three times, run it over again and wash it again. Then, maybe you'll have it broken in enough to wear! These things are awesome tough. I take this with me on vacation or traveling. Makes a great war bag.

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