Confritation while Carrying today
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Thread: Confritation while Carrying today

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    Confrontation while Carrying today Confrontation while Carrying

    I was invited to my friends hunting cabin today for a party. While there inside the cabin,I took off my outer shirt off because it was hot. And at that point my Sidearm was exsposed.Thats when this half drunk lady through a fit that I was armed.

    She proceeded to third degree on my reasonings I carryed a weapon I was polite and advised the main reason was because it was my constitutional right.

    After her half drunk boyfriend came in,and calmed her down she proceeded to pull out a pipe (bowl) and started to light,and smoke pot at which time I bacame very angry and asked her why she was carrying an illegal narcotic and infriding on me,and others smoking in front of us.

    Her stupid responce was because it made her feel good,and I responded by saying to her that carrying my weapon made me feel good then she became angry again.

    She told me she was going to call the sheriff which she did. My buddy who owns the cabin asked her,and her boygriend to leave but before they could leave the sheriff showed up. After explaining what had happened to the deputies they ended up arresting her,and boyfriend for, possesion,driving under the I stood there pooring salt on the wound ( laughing) she said to deputies, why they werent arresting me.

    They told her that I was legal to carry,and I wasnt drunk,and or in possesion of all in all it was a sweet ending beiing that she called the sheriffs how stupid can poeple be?????

  3. great job, but now you won't be going to that cabin again

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    Lol. You just can't make stuff like this up. Those two were so stupid! Lol wish I coulda seen her face, when the sheriff didn't arrest you because of your gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmaxx3500 View Post
    great job, but now you won't be going to that cabin again
    If he's any sort of friend, it'll be the jailbird couple that isn't coming back. My first thought was, "lady, it's a HUNTING cabin - did you expect to see fishing poles???"

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    dusted Guest
    Great story, absolutely made my night. Who would have thought, a GUN in a HUNTING lodge....

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    Good comments from a few people here. Funnier than hell that the loudmouth woman got hauled away -- what part of the country do you live in? Here in Arizona, you'd have a hard time geting any kind of comment at all out of someone if they saw you were armed. It's so ingrained here I don't think anything about it. It would definitely have caused a lot of people to ask that woman if she was flippin' nuts if she complained about it in THIS state, gotta say.

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    Sounds like a typical Libtard reaction to the sight of a firearm in a citizen's possession. The sad thing is that she will never comprehend that you did nothing wrong. I can imagine the story she spins to her friends: "The Sheriff was in cahoots with the dangerous man carrying a gun".
    Beware the Fury of a patient man.

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    what a dumb F oh by the way he has a legal carry gun and am smoking pot and drinking please arrest that man with the gun.
    Sorry to say that and see there are many people with that mind set that what they do does not matter but if you do something they do not like or agree with that must make an issue about it.
    I'm guess they feel they are superior or they are better am not sure.
    but kodos on the way you deal with it maybe they will think a bit more before they open there mouths.
    and you might not be going to the cabin much now lol

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    i wish that was on video,how stupid can people really be, shes a total idiot.

  11. Potheads are just fn stupid. It's a side effect of the pot. The pot makes them dumber and dumber while making them think they're getting smarter and smarter.

    I once had a pothead complain about police brutality and illegal searches. He just went on and on.

    I questioned him and the truth eventually came out.

    He decided to shoot Raccoons from his back porch at midnight. Sure it sounds like fun but anyone with any brains would realize that the neighbors would call the Law if they heard gunshots in the middle of the night inside town limits.

    Well when the locals got there they had probable cause to search the premises. Sure he said he was shooting raccoons but I think if I were a cop I'd feel obligated to search the house to make sure there wasn't any dead bodies laying about. Not to do so would just be plain negligent.

    Well when they searched the house they found dozens of bongs and other drug paraphernalia which he bought online and was selling at the local pub.

    When they tried to confiscate them as evidence he raised such a ruckus that they had to get physical to restrain him.

    He couldn't understand that it was all his own fault. If he would have used a slingshot or air rifle to shoot at the raccoons the neighbors would have never called the law.

    He could have toked up and sold his "glass" and no one would have been the wiser.


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