S&W M&P for concealed carry?
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Thread: S&W M&P for concealed carry?

  1. S&W M&P for concealed carry?

    I just completed the Carry Class and should be receiving my CCW in about a month. I only have a S&W M&P40 that wors as a carry piece. I love the way it shoots, but would like to hear about anything I should watch out for concerning this gun.

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    I carry an M&P 45.

    Some of the early M&P production runs had problems: trigger issues, rust issues, and a few other weird gremlins that have mostly been worked out. If you've put a few hundred rounds through, and aren't having failures to load or failures to fire, you should be ok. And if your slide isn't rusting, then you should be ok on that front too.

    Some folks think the trigger is too gritty or too heavy, and get trigger jobs done or aftermarket trigger kits installed. Personally, I think that's a bad idea unless you're having problems or are using it as a competition gun. If you opt for a trigger job, take it to the BEST gunsmith you can find, or contact S&W to have the work done.

    I find that mine can be a bit of a pain to conceal, but depends on what I'm wearing.

    All in all, good choice of firearm.
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    great gun, i carry the .40 also. i cant carry it cc style tho, so i just use my xd-subcompact .40 in a crossbreed supertuck, also depending on the shirt i wear, i can "pull it off" carrying the M&P in the same holster, but its easier to carry the xd insted. M&P is duty gun or home protection next to my mossberg 500 12g, but you did buy a fine shootin piece :)

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    I carry a M&P 40c in a Crossbreed super tuck. Easy to conceal. Just have to dress for it.
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    I carry a M&P .357 sig full size (4.25 inch) in a iwb holster. I also sometimes carry my 1911 government model. 45 iwb. I love both and they are great carry guns, with the right holster.

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    I carry an M&P 9 (full size). It's not as comfortable or as light as my SW 442, but it's filled with 17 personal defense ammo (12 more shots than my .38).

  8. My edc WAS a Kahr pm9. I recently picked up a S&W M&P 45, full size, and I have been carrying it iwb with easy when I dress for it. My "M&P dress" is jeans and a tee with an open button up shirt carrying at 5 o clock. I used to carry an M&P9c however traded it for my Kahr because I wanted something smaller to carry. Now that I got the FS M&P 45, I've had a change of heart towards big guns, and I'm in the small and slim category physically. The trick is a lot of cant.

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    I have carried my M&P 9 full size,M&P 40C and M&P 9C with no problems at all. Soon to be getting a M&P 45 and I don't foresee any problems with that. Full size Vs compact, the full size tends to dig into your side more when sitting. Even more so if your a bigger man then most around the waist.If you have the money take a look at the new Vtac sights Viking tactual just came out with for the M&P. Fiber optic day sights and night sights all in the same sights. They go for 240 but are on sale for 214 right now.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by dan_the_man View Post
    The trick is a lot of cant.
    I agree a lot of cant. I'm small in size and carry a M&P full size 40 in a khoster IWB with no problems. I carry mine at about 6 o'clock.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by hangie76 View Post
    I only have a S&W M&P40 that wors as a carry piece.
    Only have?!

    My EDC is a .45 ACP full-size M&P. Certainly not "only have" here but rather a prefer to have.

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