Compact or Subcompact?
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Thread: Compact or Subcompact?

  1. Compact or Subcompact?

    Hello, I have my permit to carry in MN but have not yet purchased a firearm to carry. I am probably going to purchase a Glock 19 or a Glock 26 (with a magazine extender so my little finger fits on the magazine), I just need to go to the range to make sure they both feel right.

    If both feel comfortable in my hand the question I have is what would the real advantage of a 0.5" shorter firearm be? Obviously they make a subcompact firearm for a reason but I'm not sure that I'm the target audience. I'm not a big guy so hiding a firearm on me during the summer could prove tricky, even a subcompact. And during winters in MN I could hide just about anything.

    The real question: For us slender guys, does a 0.5" really make a difference?


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    Purchase both Glocks, they will serve you well.

  4. I carry a glock 26 love it best thing I bought when it gets colder here in fl glock 17 is my choice

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    Compact or Subcompact?

    I live in Wisconsin and have to open carry here and can conceal when I travel. I am a bigger guy and bought a compact. Then I realized that a sub-compact worked a lot better for conceal. I just use the compact in Wisconsin for open carry... Until November. ;) I guess it really depends on how you will be carrying during the different seasons and situations. It wouldn't hurt to have a few different weapons to choose from.

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    I'm a big guy also, I have a number of carry guns, the main one is a glock 26 and I use the extender, I found it easier to conceal then my full size glock, the 26 didn't print as much since it was smaller, even in the summer when I'm just wearing shorts and a t-shirt I'll have it in a holster on my belt covered by my shirt.

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    I have both. I carry the 26 much more. The smaller size makes a huge difference. If I were to only have one, I would prefer the 26.
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    I have a G-26, G-27, and G-30 on my carry permit. I mostly carry the G-27 which is the same size as the G-26. But I live mostly in Kalifornia where we are restricted to a magazine size of 10 rounds.

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  9. I used to carry my Glock 30 but recently purchased a Ruger LC9. I am a big man, but the Glock 30 was just to much for the summer. I really like the Ruger LC9 it is a compact 9mm. I have big hands and they fit comfortably on the Ruger. I highly recommend you check it out before you make a purchase.

  10. I apologize the Ruger LC9 is a sub compact. I big fingered my phone on that one.

  11. I am a big guy and I carry a glock 20 all the time just have to carry it the right way

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