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Thread: second strike worth an extra 100?

  1. I don't know about Taurus guns except that they have a decent rep. My father-in-law carries the Sig .380; although Sig's are pricey. I always say, for price and quality, you can't go wrong with Ruger.

  3. second strike worth an extra 100?

    Your original question was "second strike worth an extra 100?" I think if you word that same question in this manner it will answer your question "is my life worth an extra 100?" I have A Taurus PT92 and a PT99, that were purchased in the early 80"s when Taurus first bought the Beretta factory in Brazil.Those two guns are great but with all the recent problems and barrels I have seen being blown off I would not touch one!! Please realize this is my personnel opinion and others are sure to chime in and claim they love them.
    My vote would be second strike . Also someone brought up the Ruger . great guns I sometimes carry an LCP and have it on now but the Ruger LCP does not have second strike either.

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    Don't base your personal safety on whatever gun has the lowest price, throws in an extra mag, or has a cool cary case. If that extra $100 is in your budget then you shouldn't be afraid to spend it. You don't have to spend it but it shouldn't be the deciding factor.....not when your life might be at stake.
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    Have you taken a look at the Walther PK380

  6. Yeah I'm definitely leaning towards the s&w now. The added safety plus quality of it is definitely worth it. I know many people will swear by the TCP, then again many will swear it fails every 50 rounds and id rather not have that be the round that I needed!

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    I have not had the opportunity as of yet to fire one of the Bodyguards from S&W, however, I have fired some of the other popular polymer pocket .380's, and I must say that of the Kel-Tec P3AT, the Ruger LCP, and the Taurus TCP, I like the TCP the best. I plan on purchasing two of them to carry on those days when it is just too stinking hot to carry a big gun or other circumstances as they arise where carrying a full size gun is not an option.

    My opinion of the TCP is that the recoil is very well managed for such a light, compact gun. While the round itself is rather anemic, it is no slouch in the recoil department. My current .380 is an AMT all stainless steel gun, and let me tell you, it is no pleasure to shoot. The TCP was comfortable. I feel as if I could set off a box of rounds through it and not flinch at the idea. Not something I would do again with my AMT.

    The double strike capability of the Smith isn't something I would get all fuzzy about (remember, this is my opinion). Modern centerfire ammunition is reliable enough, and a failure to fire drill is something one should be practicing anyway if you plan to carry a semi-automatic handgun. Also, the laser on the Smith, to me, is little more than a novelty. The activation switch was put in the most asinine place if you ask me. Besides, with a .380, you aren't going to be shooting it at something much more than eight or ten feet away, if you need to shoot it at all.

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