second strike worth an extra 100?
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Thread: second strike worth an extra 100?

  1. second strike worth an extra 100?

    I've been planning on buying one of the 380 pockets this month for my cc and was pretty set on the Taurus TCP ( slide lock, internal safety for kids, 2 mags and a cool carrying pouch ) but as everyone knows you run the risk with cheaper guns for a failure to fire. More often than not it doesn't happen, especially after a few hundred rounds and proper cleaning. However I was reading the review for the bodyguard 380 which I initially ruled out due to not wanting to pay an extra hundred for a garbage laser and found out it is hammer fired and allows for second strike like most higher ends. Sadly it only comes with 1 mag, doesn't have the carrying case and lacks the internal safety but it does lock after empty and has an external safety, does having that second chance in an oh s%& situation worth the extra hundred plus the extras from the Taurus, or is it such an uncommon thing after proper break in that I shouldn't worry about it

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    I purchased the BodyGuard because 1) it is a S&W 2) Double strike/Double action. I felt the DA only coupled w/the external safety compensated for the lack of internal safety. I also wanted a small semi-auto rather than a wheel gun. If I purchase a wheel gun, it will probably be the S&W Mod 60 because my wife likes how it feels in her hands... As far as the laser, mine quit working with the first round downrange... I will say S&W responded very promptly when I inquired about it (folks on this forum strongly suggested I do so) as it is still under warranty. If the laser quits working on the replacement, well, not sure what I'll do quite honestly...

    Good luck!

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    Oops... I purchased three extra mags from the dealer. They had them in stock & were reasonably priced, so... I have an el cheapo pocket holster & will upgrade to a better holster sometime in October.


  5. I have the Taurus TCP and have shot over 250 rounds without a single problem.

  6. second strike worth an extra 100?

    I think the second strike is OK if you want the gun that offers this. I had a FNP 9 mm that had the capability and the only time (in over 1,000 rounds) I needed it was on some ammo I bought from a guy at work in a plain plastic bag. He was unsure how long he had or where it came from.

    Having said that, I opted for the SIG P238 in 380 ACP as I likes the features, external safety and the feel of the gun over some of the others mentioned here. I don't have children in my home so no need for a locking mechanism that can only cause problems if it goes south.
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  7. The Second Strike only refers to a Single Action that is capable of Double Action as well. My wife's TCP is DAO, meaning every time she pulls the trigger, the hammer is pulled back and released. If a round does not fire, she can pull the trigger again and again. Each time the pin will strike the primer.

    On my PT140 MilPro, Is SA/DA, which is basically Strike 2. Any DOA semi is Strike 2..

  8. BTW, her TCP has been a great gun, with the 7rd mag extender.... search Ebay for TCP +1 I'm not affiliated with this guy, only a satisfied customer.

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    I highly recommend the Crossbreed or Remora brand holsters as options for the S&W 380 Bodyguard.


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    I have the Taurus TCP738, and have had no problems, as long a name-brand ammo is used. It doesn't seem to like the Russian stuff, but does great on Winchester, Remington, Federal, Corbon,etc. Shoots both HP and round nose equally well. I'm getting a 2nd Taurus 738 to carry with it. Then, 2 pistols, plus 4 mags equals a total of 28 rounds. Best there is for concealed carry in the plus 100 degree weather, and if hey're not big enough to do the job, I need to run real fast.

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    Never tried the TCP .380, however...

    I have a Taurus PT-745, and when I first bought it, the magazine baseplates kept falling off, dumping the rounds, spring, follower, (etc) all over the floor. I also got 2-3 shots maximum out of it. Taurus did fix it for free, however it took 3 months. Since then, it's ok. The Millennium series was one of those SNAFU situations, but they seemed to have ironed that all out.
    I bought the Ruger LCP, and it's pretty good, but any of these little .380s give you a strong 'felt recoil', because of their small size.
    I also recommend the Crossbreed or the Kholster for the same reason- they are 'tuckable'. I don't know if there is a 'wallet holster' for the TCP, but I have one for my Ruger. It looks EXACTLY like a wallet in my back pocket. If you can find one of those, get it.

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