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  1. poets58 if you haven't already bought one check out Bear Creek holsters. I bought a pocket holster for my Kel Tec PF-9 and love it. I carry it in cargo pants and sometime in a jacket or vest. It's a great little holster. Doug who I spoke with walked me through the process since I was clueless on what to expect or buy. He didn't just sell me a holster he made sure I knew what I was getting and probably would have to change my dress to accommodate the holster (aka cargo pants) to carry the Kel Tec since it's a little on the large size for pocket carry but with cargo pants with large pockets it's great. He even made me a nice IWB magazine holder. Well hope you find the right holster

    Front Pocket, Back (Wallet) Pocket, IWB, OWB Leather Handcrafted, Hand-stitched Holsters|Bear Creek Metal Works, Texas

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    There are several videos that show several different ways to carry. As is stated in videos you may need more than one way to carry concealed. Here are some you may be interested in viewing. .

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