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    Most of us are on a budget, guns tend to eat up a lot of ammo and Walmart is one of the cheapest offline places to get decent brass cased ammo. Guess that's it, really. And I hate going there, too!

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    I can still remember the day I got my first permit and started carrying. I had to go to the bank and then to a school function for a granddaughter. I felt like every eye was on me and everyone knew. Some probably did because of my lack of comfort not because I was printing. (School carry is OK in Oregon so no flaming is necessary)

    That day I decided to make a couple of changes. I made a rule, pants on-gun on, pants off-gun at hand.

    Now years later and living in a different state I have the same rules. Becoming comfortable and confident in your carry is in my opinion extremely important. I carry a full sized 1911 at the 3:30 in a IWB holster with my shirt tucked in most of the time. In warm weather I wear a tank type undershirt to keep the gun and holster away from my skin and a shirt over the whole thing. In cooler weather it gets a lot easier.

    Practice will make your carry a lot more relaxed.

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