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    Quote Originally Posted by tj_cubin View Post
    I completely disagree, and I don't even carry any of that stuff! Its not about being a wannabe cop, its about being prepared for anything. Sure, some people out there are wannabes and do the whole utility belt thing, but i think most people here wouldn't fall under that heading.

    Pocketknives are probably the most common thing in someones pocket after keys, phone, and wallet. I dont generally carry a knife, but i can see how the more you carry one, the more uses you can find for it. (think about the movie 127 Hours, that guys knife came in REAL handy.)

    Flashlight i don't really see the point for an EDC, but i think thats more of a MacGyver thing than a "mall ninja" thing.

    And a spare mag? If you have a problem with carrying a spare mag, why don't you have a problem carrying the first mag in the gun? or the gun? Its preparedness. I know its not necessary, but i don't think any less of someone for carrying them. I try to carry an extra one, but most of the time I don't.
    If you need anything more than just your gun and the mag in it, then you are in a situation that you shouldn't stick around for. Like I said earlier, if you need more than one mag, then you must be in a war zone, and if you are in a war zone, you need a rifle.

  3. I have a question for all of you that dont casre about signs or policies at work and say that you would carry anyway.

    The building that I work in is in the inner city and nowhere near what I would call a "good neighborhood". The policy is, of course, no guns at work. Now, this past summer, we gained a new tenant in the rear of our building. It happens to be a new school of the arts. I haven't measured yet, but even the parking lot may that I use across the street may not be far enough from the school for me to leave the gun locked in the car.

    The question is.... Would you ignore the workplace policies in this case?

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    The question is.... Would you ignore the workplace policies in this case?
    What is your state of residence OCY? And do you have a carry permit?Perhaps we can then answer the question.

  5. I live on CT and yes, I have a carry permit

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    Since you have a CT permit being within 1000 feet of a school zone is no problem per the BATFE.You could be on foot right up to the edge of the school property.

    I jog 4 miles every day and run right past 2 schools carrying.Only when you go to another state and do not have that states CCW does being within a 1000 foot GFVZ become problematic.

    Its silly but that is the BATFE take on the matter.Even that is open to challenge since the SCOTUS 1995 Lopez decision.


    Leave the gun locked in the car.Forget the measurements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deserteagle View Post
    This is probably going to make some of you out there a little angry but its my opinion. Unless you are a cop, a wannabe cop, or a mall ninja, you do not need to carry around a flashlight, pocketknife, spare mags, and who knows what else. A concealed carry license gives you the right to carry a concealed handgun and it doesnt make you a cop, so dont try to make yourself think you are.
    You are wrong. I use my flashlight every day. I am retired, so not work related. I am not a cop, a wannabe cop, or a mall ninja, and I find my flashlight to be a useful tool, if you don't, don't carry one, likewise, a pocket knife, and since magazines are the cause of most semi auto problems, it makes sense to carry a spare and save your insulting characterizations and condescension for your self.
    War to the Knife, Knife to the hilt.
    If we don't want to live in a trashy area, we all have to be willing to help pick up the trash.

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    opencarryyes Is the school of the arts a public school? If it is a private business, the rules governing firearms in school zones probably does not apply.
    War to the Knife, Knife to the hilt.
    If we don't want to live in a trashy area, we all have to be willing to help pick up the trash.

  9. Its a public magnet school

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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenCarryYes View Post
    Its a public magnet school
    So it atracks sheepdogs with ferous metals in their colars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton Felix View Post
    a belt buckle that's a 30 year old single edged Bowen Survivor ( Bowen Knife Company if you're not familiar).
    The Bowen Belt Knife is not a good choice for someone also carrying a holstered weapon. if the knife is holding the belt together around your waist, and you remove the buckle, the holster falls off, or your pants fall down. It wouldn't be legal in many states. You can't fly with it. You can't go to the court house with it. There are just too many restrictions to be effective.
    "The 2nd amendment was never intended to allow private citizens to 'keep and bear arms'. If it had, there would have been wording such as 'the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed'." -- Ken Konecki on Usenet, on 27 Jul 1992

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