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Thread: Oswego county ny ccw permit ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by EADACORP84 View Post
    As for the probation , not that it matters but, i was sentenced to 5 years probation , the probation officer released me from probation after only 6 months, if anything i would think that would be a possitive...well in a way i guess

    i have no mental hygene issues and never been arrested of any violent crime and have zero felony's on record.

    I just diddnt want to throw away a extra $150.00 i was under the assumption that even if i ask for a unrestricted licenses, that i could still get a license with restrictions if not approved for unrestricted

    should i include anything on seperate paper that i also want permit to obtain my fathers handguns that are in the possession of the executor of his estate until i obtain permit

    thanks for the feedback people
    In my experience, the best thing you can do is approach the interview with complete honesty. Admit to everything. Don't try to pass blame or minimize your past actions. Tell the investigator you did some stupid things and deeply regret them and wish you could undo these things. You've matured and understand the errors of your past. Be humble... be Opey Taylor from Mayberry. You may get by with a restricted permit. DO NOT discuss violence, self defense or protection in the interview. Be careful how you answer every question. Give the impression that you are not concerned about any of these things, that you want the permit purely for sporting purposes.

  3. Oswego County
    Oswego County has restricted my pistol permit more and helped me less. I decided to ask for a “unrestricted concealed carry permit”. My concealed carry permit was restricted carry concealed to and from the range to and from hunting and employment requiring a hand gun as a requirement for employment. I wanted to update it to unrestricted but would exept what they are calling a “sportsman”. My permit now states “dwelling, employment and sportsman”. I wanted to use my hand gun on my ATV and hiking and other activity’s. I had to sign a statement saying that I could NOT carry concealed “TO AND FROM”. I could carry “while actively engaged” in such activity’s. In order for me to go to and from and transport the weapon it must be in a compartment, unloaded, locked and not with the ammo. It also can not assessable to the driver or passenger. The compartment must also be other than the glove box or console. I am fine with Oswego County restricting my permit as stated. I think that it is wildly inappropriate to restrict carrying in my vehicle going to and from activity’s. There is no better prize than a hand gun to those that engage in crime. Restricting me more while in and out of my vehicle leaves my weapon open for theft and use agents me at any time before I engage in activity’s. If you also think this is wildly inappropriate please wright.
    Hon. James M. Metcalf
    State of New York
    Oswego City Court
    Fifth Judicial District
    Conway Municipal Building
    20 West Oneida Street 2nd floor
    Oswego, New York 13126
    (315) 343 0415
    Fax (315) 343 0531

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    What and where are you a competition shooter? I don't think you can shoot in competition in New York unless you are a non-resident with an out of state permit or a resident with a NYS permit.

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