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Thread: Glock +p ammo

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    Glock +p ammo

    Have a glock 26 gen 4, just was wondering if it is okay to shoot + p ammo......

    Thanks for the input

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    I have not shot any in my Glock 26, but from what I have read the Glock should handle the +p loads without any difficulty.

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    The brand of the pistol doesn't matter. All ammunition is loaded within a certain pressure range. The specification's for the caliber, type of powder, amount of powder, primer, bullet weight, etc... have been thoroughly tested. If the ammo is loaded within the tested standards it is safe to shoot.

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    I have read that Glocks can handle the +P load just fine, but, I have also read that you shouldn't shoot these loads in some guns, particularly some older guns, so I'm not sure I agree with the last statement, but it could be entirely true.

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    It's not an issue.

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