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  1. You had me worried there so checked my Blackhawk CQC for my XD9sc and the push button does not even come close to the trigger.
    When I press down on the button it rides the frame above the trigger.

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    I love my Blackhawk Serpa, when I draw it has my finger ready to place on the rail above the trigger. The only thing I do not like is that it prints the gun a little to much, my Crossbreed super tuck conceals better

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    I love my Blackhawk.
    So far, I have only been using it for Defensive Pistol League that I was on. I haven't used it yet for carrying.
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  5. I'm a big fan of my Serpa CQC for my Glock 19. Holds my pistol nice and secure. Even if i do the little maneuver that theoretically is supposed to put my finger instantly into the triggerguard and make me pull the trigger, my finger ends up on the rail above the trigger. Not sure if that's the design of my Serpa, or that the tip of my pointer finger actually bends a bit upward, but I find the Serpa is really solid gear.

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