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  1. Another reson why to CC

    Something like this can happen at anytime and it's happening all to often!

    4 dead, 6 wounded in Nevada shooting - US news - Crime & courts -

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    Very true, when ever i go to town i always have my gun with me. Even though i live in a small farm town were nothing ever happens, there is always the first time, and unfortunately you never know when that first might happen.

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    I carry all day every day. Plus I have my weapon for home defense! We live in troubleling times and some people will go off in a second. I want to be prepared!!

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    Every time I see or read a news article like this my blood boils in anger. I have family members in the armed forces that put there life on the line every day to protect this beautiful country we call home they shouldn't have to worry about being injured or killed while at home. They face enough of that while over seas.

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    I'm glad that someone started a discussion about this incident. It's unfortunate that lives were lost, but it brings up an interesting point about the deficiencies even when a CCW is present.
    Ralph Swagler said he grabbed his own weapon, but said it was too late to stop the shooter, who charged into the IHOP through the front doors.

    "I wish I had shot at him when he was going in the IHOP," said Swagler, who owns Locals BBQ & Grill. "But when he came at me, when somebody is pointing an automatic weapon at you -- you can't believe the firepower, the kind of rounds coming out of that weapon."

    Gunman Kills 3 National Guard Members, 1 Other In Shooting Rampage At Nevada IHOP |
    Does Mr. Swagler need more training? Could this incident have been prevented? Could it have been diminished if Mr. Swagler had shot the perp before he entered the Ihop? How can you prevent people with a mental illness from obtaining weapons in the first place?
    "The 2nd amendment was never intended to allow private citizens to 'keep and bear arms'. If it had, there would have been wording such as 'the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed'." -- Ken Konecki on Usenet, on 27 Jul 1992

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