CCW license holder shoots would be robber
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Thread: CCW license holder shoots would be robber

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    CCW license holder shoots would be robber

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    I didn't care for the video hit piece. They leave the impression that people are dropping out of school because a student had a legal gun and used it to defend himself. They could have done a better job with the story IMO. Fox is turning more liberal all the time.
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  4. As for "Fox turning more liberal", that's news to us liberals! It's a story by a local Fox affiliate. Local affiliates tend to have whatever lean their city has. I'm sure you'd find my local Fox affiliate (FOX 12 Portland - Oregon,) to be quite liberal, too, because Portland is quite liberal.

    I didn't find the story bad at all. Yeah, the misleading part about the housemates leaving was badly worded, but by and large they kept it positive for the student. (They always called him "the Temple student", for example, never using words that have a negative implication.)

    While I would hate to see something like this happen here (the whole incident - obviously I'd rather see the about-to-be-victim return fire rather than just get shot,) I would hope that it would be covered similarly. The mayor of Portland has been on an anti-gun crusade for a year now, making a point of calling every crime that has a gun used in it an "illegal gun crime". (I've called him out on it on Twitter/Facebook often. Technically ALL crimes are illegal, hence the use of the word "crime"; and the use of a gun doesn't make it any more illegal - nor does the act of a gun being used in a crime make the gun itself "illegal".)

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