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  1. My new CC package is here

    I got my new Ruger LC9 this past week and the Maxtuck holster from came in today. I took the LC9 out to the range this weekend and put about 100 rounds through it. I bought 3 different brands of ammo and only one of them, the Fiocci box, failed miserably. The others shot flawlessly. The Fiocci brand sucked really bad.

    I adjusted the holster when I got home from work and after only a couple of hours I can hardly feel it. This hybrid, tuckable holster puts the gun pretty deep and even with a white tee shirt tucked in, my wife could not tell I was carrying.

    I bought the Maxtuck because they use screws to hold the kydex to the leather instead of the rivets that crossbreed uses. Other than that, I think the holsters comparable. Although I have never seen a crossbreed supertuck in person so I could be wrong. Also, with an M&P 40c on the way next week, it'll only cost $20 for the new Kydex that I can switch to when I carry the M&P instead of another $70 for a whole new holster.

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    Very nice!
    Good Luck!

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    It can get very expensive!

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    Excellent! I'm interested in the LC9 for carrying.
    I think if I get it, I'll carry it in a pocket holster, to give me another option of carry.
    I currently use a Cleveland's Holster for my SW9VE.
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  6. Any issues with that rather prominent loaded chamber indicator on the LC9 ? Did you consider other mini-9's before purchase like the Kimber, Kahr, or SIG?

    Good luck, and stay safe.


  7. I considered pocket carrying the LC9 but its a little big for that unless you have some pretty deep pockets.

    Also, the chamber indicator is so small that I cant believe anyone would have a problem with it.

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    I agree on the loaded indicator. My P345 has one and I never noticed it getting in the way.

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