No word for Conceal carry permit from Madison County
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Thread: No word for Conceal carry permit from Madison County

  1. No word for Conceal carry permit from Madison County

    I moved from morgan county to madison county and had to reapply for my conceal carry permit. Its been 2months now and have not recieved any word on my application this is crazy. Has anybody else had any problems getting their permit in madison county. I'm going to call up there tomorrow and see what the deal is.

  3. Typical, if you're talking about Madison County, AL. They don't call to tell you it's done, so you have to do it. Then go down and pick it up.

    Simply ridiculous.

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    I'm in cincinnati Ohio and lost my license... I applied for a new one but have no received it... But I have delt with police 3 times when carrying and after informing them not once was I asked for my permit. Only my drivers license... So while I'm waiting for my permit, you think I'm going to put my life in danger and not carry? I don't think so

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    If you move within the state, you need a new permit? Jeez, I think I'd try to find another state.
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    Almost every state I have lived in have required that you tell LE when you move. You "may" also have to get a new permit issued. I understand if I moved to a different state. But we moved twice in 2 years once. Uggh.. What a pain!

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