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Thread: Concealed carry for small frame guy...?

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    Might want to check out a Ruger LC9 if you haven't already. It's small, 9mm and is very slim as it is a single stack mag.
    Yeah my dad has the Taurus TCP, which I'm sure you already know is a smaller version of the LC9 and in a .380. I love the gun so if the LC9 is anything like it I'm sure I'd love it...the only downside is the TCP is quite the beast to hang on to if your hands aren't very small. Do you know if the LC9 is the same? I know it's a little bigger but it's also packing a little more punch so I didn't know if it would be on the same scale. Definitely gonna look into it!

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    I am 6' at 160#. So i know what you mean about finding a firearm that works well for a thin guy. I carry a Glock 23 at 6 o'clock. There is a very small outline at times under my shirt and i used to be very nervous about it. But i have realized that noone notices. And really it could be a cell phone, so if they do notice they dont really know or care. Also being at 6 o'clock it is right by my arm so that helps to conceal it even more. And i never have to lean on it when i drive. Also never have to check the back of my shirt or worry about brandishing everytime i bend over to pick something up off a shelf at a store.

    Get the firearm that fits you best and that you are the most comfortable shooting. And the biggest suggestion i can give is invest in the best holster possible for your carry position. Whatever you decide that is.

    Every person will have a different opinion on which firearm is best for them but only you can choose which one is best for you.

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    Looking at getting a Walther PPS 9mm for carry. Anybody have an opinion on this gun? I've held it in our local gun stores and it feels great. It seems to be a good quality gun, and it's really thin which is what a guy my size has to be concerned with. I'm only 5'8" and 140lbs, so actually concealing a gun is hard. I know there's a lot of guns out there prefer over this gun because of capacity, but the way I figure it, I can always carry 1 or 2 more magazines...
    I am 5'6" and 135 pounds. I carry a Kahr MK9. You could probably carry a K9 and still conceal pretty well.

    Love my Kahr.

    If you are set on the PPS, you should SHOOT it before you buy it. Just holding it doesn't tell you how it feels when you shoot it....just my 2 cents.

    Best of luck in finding a gun that suits you,
    How do you get a hold of a gun to shoot that you haven't bought? Gun ranges, both indoor and out, are few and far between where I'm located. We have a TON of outdoor ranges for cops, but very few for civilian use...

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    I'm 5'9", 150 lbs. I own my own Dairy Queen in Wisconsin and am usually dressed in a button down tucked in shirt with black pants. CC is not legal in WI yet, but being that I own my land and building of my business, I am allowed to carry any way I want. I just bought a full size Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm with a 17+1 magazine. I bought a Graco IWB holster and have been wearing it this last week. Took just about a day to get used to the feel. I keep it at the 4 o'clock position. My wife who works with me side by side still hasn't noticed that I have been carrying it. I think you just have to find something you are comfortable with that you will carry all of the time. Good luck with your venture.

  6. Yeah I've kinda narrowed my search down to the Kel Tec PF9 and the Ruger LC9. Main reason is because of the awesome reviews I've read and also because of price. I know price isn't a good thing to go off of, but from what I read and seen about these guns, the phrase "you get what you pay for" doesn't apply to these guns because they are a huge bang for the buck. Any non-biased opinions as to which you prefer?

  7. I'm finding the LC9 is a great gun in a small package. With a good holster I almost forget it's there.

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    I'm finding the LC9 is a great gun in a small package. With a good holster I almost forget it's there.
    How do you find the accuracy? From the YouTube video I've seen of Nutnfancy comparing the 2, the PF9 seemed to group a little better. Is it very controllable for the firepower vs. size (able to hang on to it)?

  9. I can shoot amazing groups with the LC9. And I also practice what I call panic shooting (pretending I'm being attacked and just point shooting without really focusing on the front sight) and still get good core shots that would hurt the BG. I find there's very little pop from the recoil. I did install a hogue grip on it because I felt the grip was a bit rough (maybe it's just my delicate hands). But my husband, whose hands are gigantic, found that the gun bounced around in his hand a bit without the hogue grip and now it doesn't. If it's possible, try to shoot both before buying. We had to drive 50 miles to an indoor range that had gun rentals. I don't know if you have that option. Guns seem to hold their value so if you choose one over the other and wind up hating it, you probably could sell it and try another one. An expensive way to go, but it might be your only option if you can't rent guns.

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