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    Aug 2011
    Macomb County, Michigan
    Smith & Wesson M&P 40 professional, since I got my CPL I haven't left home without it.

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    Glock 23 in a minotaur iwb holster loaded with 13+1 hornady jhp

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    Well, since I only have one handgun as of yet, I carry my SW9VE in a Cleveland's Holster, loaded with 15+1
    Hornady Critical Defense 115gr.
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    NRA Range Safety Officer
    NRA Basic Shotgun Instructor

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    Switch between a walther ppk .380, makarov 9 mm, and most usually glock 27. Occasionally glock 23 if clothing permits. Never without at least 1.

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    Apr 2010
    Georgetown, Texas
    Ok I will tell...
    Ammunition. Hornady TAP or Winchester PDX1 or Winchester Ranger (sometimes) for 9mm, 45ACP or 40SW.

    Spring/Summer Kel-Tec PF9 or Glock 36 in a crossbreed supertuck or Galco USA IWB.

    Winter/Autum Springfield EMP 40 or 9 or XD sub 9 (depends on my mood) in Galco summer comfort (ironic I know) or LH OWB Galco COP. Corssbreed super tuck.

    for home Taurus Model 66 4" 357Mag inside vault. My favorite...!
    Roger KLCR 357 on Don Humes LH holster (around the house) for wife
    Kelt-Tec Sub 2000 40SW (Glock 23 28rd Mags) to match Glock 23 for wife

    In the secret. ;)

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    Jul 2010
    Houston Metro Area, Texas
    Colt Combat Commander 45 all the time winter and summer with two spare mags shorts t-shirt flower shirt.

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    Glock 30SF in a Minotaur holster. The 30 is on the night stand at night and on my belt all other times.

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    Glock 21 w/Win SXT after I put my pants on until I take them off. Everywhere, all the time less places illegal.
    Why you may ask? Why not :-)
    Scott Vaughn
    AR CHCL Instructor #02-414
    Suarez International Staff Instructor

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    Glock 19 gen4 15+1 jhp personal defense.

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    Glock 26 Gen 4 with Remington Golden Sabers.

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