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    New here but I'll play: Browning Hi-Power loaded with Winchester Silvertips

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    KelTec P3AT in a Desantis Nemesis Holster or a Glock 19 in a IWB Shielded Holster depending on clothing and so on.

  4. Picked up a Keltec PF9 in July, been carrying that in a Galco pocket holster, two mags of 124gr +P JHPs. I used to summer carry a Ruger SP101 in .357, just sold it to pay for an Arsenal AK-74. When I can wear a jacket, I have a lot more options. Kimber 10mm 1911, ParaOrdnance P16-40, or 9mm CZ-75b.

    On a side note, if things really get out of hand (riots, zombies, etc), I will carry a rifle. Rifle > handgun any day of the week!


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    My EDC is a Beretta 96 in a Whit Hat Max Tuk holster loaded with Hornady Critical Defense. Really not the gun I want for ease of concealment but I do have my eye on a few 9mm compacts that are on the wish list.

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