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    Your EDC

    What is your firearm, that you have with you, whenever you leave the house...... I will start

    Glock 26 Gen 4.....loaded with Hornady Critical Defense JHP

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    Springfield XD-Subcompact, in a Crossbreedsupertuck delux, loaded currently with Federal HST 155g

  4. Depends on the weather. I carry as much gun as I can conceal without standing out. In Alabama in June, July and August, that's a Beretta Tomcat in a Don Hume JIT Slide or IWB. Once it cools off enough, it's a Rossi 720 .44 Special in a Don Hume IWB or a El Paso Saddlery OWB holster, OR a Para Ordnance P.13 in a Don Hume PCCH IWB, OR a FN (NOT Browning) Hi Power in either a Mernickle PS-6 OWB or a Don Hume PCCH IWB.

  5. When I am home in AZ, RIA 4" 1911 in a Comp-Tac Minotaur IWB holster. Still determining a reliable carry load.

  6. Springfield XDm 3.8" 9mm with 19 rounds of Remington Golden Saber HPJ 124g
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    If it's a real hot day here in NC I carry my Taurus 380 tcp in a uncle mikes or soft armor iwb holster. Fall and winter glock 32 .357 sig in a soft armour holster iwb. Carry a spare mag with both 75% of the time. Hornady personal defense ammo in both.

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    Glock 22 in 40S&W

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    Smith & Wesson M&P .357 sig in a Don Hume IWB loaded with 15 round mag of 125gr Winchester Ranger T, and one up the pipe !

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    Ruger LC9-- Loaded with Gold Speer Dot
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    It changes everytime ... Glock 23, one in the pipe. For a quick run down the supermarket a few blocks away, I only have my pocket carry. I am never without one.
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