seeing the additional comments here..
some are actually ridiculous claims of they'll be a hero and get involved in anything they see and that's usually a recipe for disaster, stuff like that are easier said than done, just because you are carrying it doesn't mean you will win a fight with a badguy. A CCW carrier should only pull out a firearm when facing imminent threat. If you approach an incident with an intent to stop a fight or stop an argument - you automatically turn to an aggressor and that can land you a couple of years of court dates, thousands of dollars in lawyer fee's, pay with your life or an innocent civilians life, If you see someone stealing a car, call 911! no life is worth an object, you don't need to run there and be a hero. What if they are armed just like you? you think you will win the gunfight? NO YOU WONT!

try not to take too much of the opinions on here especially getting involved in any non life threatening crime, be a sheepdog, not a police dog!