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Thread: Which is better? Protect yourself/family or remove criminal from face of earth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    I guess my question is more of attitude rather than willingness to shoot. Yes, I certainly am willing to shoot someone in defense. But it appears as if some people have the attitude that it is less desireable to simply deter the criminal from attacking me or my family than it is to kill the criminal to prevent them from moving on.
    I have to believe that while we all have the mindset to kill in a situation that requires those actions, I have a hard time believing that there is a large section of us that are of the vigilante mentality and would chase down a BG to "eliminate" future threats. That having been said...

    For example... a criminal invades your home and you meet them with a gun in hand. They start backing towards the door. Clearly, it appears as if QilvinLEO would have no problem shooting them because he would be doing the world a favor. I'm just wondering how many other gun carriers feel the same way... given the choice, which would you rather do, end the criminal's career permanently, or spare only your family from the attack and let the criminal move on.
    As I said in my other post, if it is a home invasion, all civility is out the window. If the criminal encounter takes place 'in the open' letting a BG make a second life altering decision to the positive is not out of the question. If the BG decides to run, okay, he gets to live.

    I assume he has no idea who me and mine are nor where he can finde me for retribution for me foiling his criminal intents.

    A home invaion is completely different. The BG DOES know where I and my loved ones live. in this case I believe I whould do everything to prevent the BG from ever coming back. If that means killing the BG, so be it. There is nothing more important to me that my loved ones, especially some dirt bag standing in my living room now begging for mercy.

    And if you let the criminal move on, do you think you bear part of the responsibility if the criminal goes next door and rapes the 19 year old girl.
    No. I cannot be held responsible for the actions of the criminal. Would I feel some remorse if I found out later that serious harm had come to a vicitm? Yes, possibly. But them again, the victim chose to be a victim

    In a situation where you have to pull you gun in defense are we really taking the time to consider whether or not the BG in front of you is going to go commit another crime against someone you may or may not know?

    Way too much thinking about noncritical issues at a very critical time.

    Personally, I feel like QilvinLEO's comments are pretty much B.S.
    Possibly. But I think he may just be echoing some of the machismo we all like to believe we posses.

  3. Death is merely a side-effect of self-defense action that has been taken. The intent should always be to stop the threat. When we cross the line into "taking BG off the face of the earth" we start looking like we intend to kill people and that's not how a LAC operates.

    The K word is very bad. Any good prosecutor will cue on that one word and start a line of questioning to make a defender look like a violent person who has the desire to take the lives of others. Since most of us would immediately go on the defensive if we're called a killer, one can bet that the same person will eventually slip up in testimony if the questioning gets heated in this subject line.

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    Bottom line.If you carry,be prepared to use it !. And accept the consequences.

  5. I carry to protect myself and my wife(no children yet) but if the need arises it would be to stop the attack not to execute

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    In yet another open carry vs. concealed carry discussion on another forum, a die hard concealed carry only person makes the following statements, with my replies:


    There you have it folks, the latent desire of this concealed carrier to be executioner. I don't carry my firearm to remove criminals from the face of the earth with. I carry my firearm to protect myself and my family from criminals. If the criminal chooses not to attack me because he sees my gun, I have accomplished my goal AND I have spared my family the trauma and cost of the attack, the shooting, and the court proceedings.

    I refuse to take responsibility for the criminal actions that a criminal takes on another person. They are responsible for those acts, not me.

    So, here's my questions:

    Do you feel, as gun carriers, is it better that we simply prevent a criminal from attacking us and our family, and protect ourselves and our families from criminal actions; or is it better for us to execute the criminal?

    Do you feel that, as gun carriers, some of the responsibility of the criminal's future actions falls upon us if we are presented with the opportunity to kill the criminal and we choose not to?

    I believe my responses to the person above will indicate where I feel on this issues.

    There was a poster on here (usacarry) a while in tha past that admitted his reason for conealed carry vs. open carry was the he hoped to have the opportunity to execute a criminal. I'll try to find that and post it as well.

    NOTE: I believe the desire to execute criminals only exists in a very, very small minority of people who carry guns.... so please, don't think I am trying to make a blanket statement applicable to most concealed carriers.
    Well you know what they say about opinions...
    But since you asked..
    It is always better to avoid the trouble...Seams like some hunt trouble...
    I carry conceal but just what I prefer...I can see your point about open carry and it is a valid point! (If the person is aware of the events around them. If not they have no business with a gun concealed or open carried)

    Folks should think before they post they want to execute a criminal...
    I hope they understand if they are ever involved in a shooting these type post may come back to you in court..Some slick attorney could say you have been hunting a criminal to take out and your forum post proves it..

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    A great many carriers are, for lack of a better word, too bloodthirsty. It comes from having too much ego invested in carrying the gun. It's also why they're found on CCW forums...

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    See sig line

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

  9. I believe you can only shoot if you believe your life is in danger if that's the case why wouldn't you shoot them ?????????? Confused??????? Other than that they should never see your weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinnacle Safety:233596
    I believe you can only shoot if you believe your life is in danger if that's the case why wouldn't you shoot them ?????????? Confused??????? Other than that they should never see your weapon
    First part: Agree.
    Confused: No.
    Second part: Disagree..

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    Yeah, a lot of folks here post stuff that boils down to "kill them all and let God sort them out!". How they would react in an actual fight is another matter but if they acted as they talked they would be in a lot of trouble very quickly. If you leave the rather narrow definition of justified self defense you might end up alive - and in for life.

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