Sig sauer p239 carry
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Thread: Sig sauer p239 carry

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    Sig sauer p239 carry

    If anyone has troubles with compacts where your pinky hangs off in lala land, I would suggest the Sig p 239. It is small easily concealed but supports your pinky, it is a little on the pricey side $700 +

  3. I own one as well

    Good firearm, easy takedown, I have the 10 shot mags. :D

    I bought mine in '05. Paid $550 at the time.

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    Lucky I've only got the 7 rnd mags but I can't even tell its on me

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    Edc for years. So used to it, it's like it's not there. IWB in a Don Hume. The only time I don't carry it is if I'm "dressing", and have to go to a smaller piece.
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