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    Does your M&P have a safety? I know alot of people hate safeties but I want a gun that has one I can always decide not to use it later. I do like the lifetime warranty but Springfield and Taurus offer it as well and there might be others.

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    First Carry Gun-imagescaq07zq2.jpgWell how much are you planning on spending? The xd is good but I personally have the problem of not being able to shoot when my pinky finger is hanging in the middle of nowhere, if you have the same problem I might suggest the berreta px 4 compact, or if price isn't an issue then Sig Sauer makes the P239 carry gun. I carry that myself and love it, it is a little heavy no idea how many rounds it carries in 9mm or how many rounds the px 4 either but they are very nice firearms. This also depends on how big your hands are test the grip on both of them if available to get a feel for them.

  4. Ruger makes a damn fine pistol but I used to have a Springfield XD .45 compact an I loved it. Id go with the xd if I were you

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    I think you should pass on all of the above options and get yourself a Glock.

  6. I have a Glock 17 and an XDsc9 and I prefer the XD it just fits me better and conceals pretty well. Glocks and XD's both have the reputation of going bang when you need them to and that is the bottom line.

  7. @G50AE why r u so hungup on glock, that's all u talk about, every thread i read about u is glock this or glock that,,, it's all u know, like u don't know anything else about guns! a glock is a piece of crap gun for the newbie inexperienced gunners like yourself!

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    My EDC is a XD9SC. It has 2.5K rounds of all sorts of ammo and has yet to have any malfunction at all. Most reliable gun I have ever owned.

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    I really hate when people say ignore everything else and get a glock. I will need to go to the range to test out the XD and the SR9 and see what I like and that is how I will decide since they both have lots of fan support. Thanks to almost everyone for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boycan View Post
    Got my Lc9 in my pocket everyday, just love it. No more uncomfy than my celly in the pocket ;)
    I have been looking at the Ruger LC 9 & now i carry the Ruger LCP 380 but people keep telling me i need more power than what the LCP has. I also have been looking at the Glock's 26 & 27 but i still don't know what i am going to get if any thing.

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    LC9 is definitely intriguing but it seems to get a lot of mixed reviews, some people just have lots of problems with this gun, anyone here know anything?

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