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    I believe the LC9 shares the same epically long trigger pull with it's smaller cousin but they have also added a manual safety and a mag disconnect. The later is disliked by many.

  3. As far as the lc9 goes they, like most new guns on the market had issues. Most have been worked out and even if you ended up with the lemon, ruger will fix and ship ASAP, they have great customer service. The lc9 has a really nice feel to it. Another gun that a lot of people have been ignoring is the LCR. The current model is being pushed aside for a newer model which is basically the same but different sights. If a revolver interests you, you might wanna check it out I know the store by me dropped the price 40 bucks to make room

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    Ruger LC9, Ruger SR9c and the SP101, All very good guns and easy to conceal!!!
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    Check out the Kahr-Arms PM9 while you're at it.

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    My first true carry gun was actually an SR9. After a couple of years I got an SR9c. Loved them both, loved the SR9c more. Now I carry a Springfield EMP 9mm and would never consider going back to either after carrying it.

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