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    First Carry Gun

    I am looking to purchase my first handgun and then will get my ccw license here in Indiana and start carrying. My top two choices right now are the Ruger SR9 and the Springfield Xd 9mm (compact or sub compact). I like the fact that the ruger has a manual safety and the XD has a grip safety and both have trigger safeties. Both in the low 400's and have the ability to hold 13 or more rounds. Are there other guns that are similar that I should consider? Any thing else to consider?

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    Can't say anything about the XD, but I am also new to CCW and I picked up the SR9c. It is a nice, compact size that isn't too small for my fairly large hands. I'm not carrying all the time right now (going to get some training for my own comfort and confidence) but when I do it seems to conceal well. I like the option of using the 17-round magazine, when concealed isn't a concern, too. Just my $0.02.

  4. I have an XD-SC 40 and really like it. But not as a carry weapon. It's now my at-home defense weapon. It's just too bulky and heavy. My husband offered and I accepted his Ruger LC9 and I just love it. I can wear it all day even in a cheapie holster (though I am getting a Crossbreed Supertuck for it). It holds only 7 rounds in the magazine (+1 in the chamber) so that might turn you off.

  5. I also have the LC9. I bought the Maxtuck holster from and 2 extra mags. I took it to the range and it shot well. Its very easy to conceal with this holster.

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    I think that either one would be a great choice, I would go for the XD over the Ruger. I have shot both and I find the XD to be more accurate and a bit better balanced. Plus Springfield has a special deal going right now. You get 3 free mags with any XD or XD(M) purchase.

  7. You would be doing yourself a disservice to not handle and fire the smith and wesson M&P compacts.

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    Got my Lc9 in my pocket everyday, just love it. No more uncomfy than my celly in the pocket ;)

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    I have a Springfield XD9sc and love it. Currently using as my primary carry weapon. Great for most carry situations but I'm looking for a smaller single stack pistol for summertime carry here in SC. The XD is a little heavy and bulky when wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

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    The LC9 does not seem to get as good of reviews but seems to be a pretty popular pistol, not looking for a pocket pistol really but I am curious about the recoil on the LC9. M&Ps are a little pricey but if I could find a used one I might look more into it.

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    Just bought a smith and wesson m&p 9mm full size last month. Paid 500 brand new with spare mag, and have heard that it is one of few guns that carry a full lifetime warrenty and that IF something should go wrong they have excellent customer service. I was looking into the walther p99 but the dealer said that the walther is made by smith and wesson in america and the smith and wesson m&p is the sister gun but 150 cheaper. Love the choice I made and was able to spend the money I saved on extra ammo to practice with.

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