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Didn't we have a small war over states rights a few years back? I don't want the FEDs in anything. I want the states to adhere to the constitution. PERIOD.
There was no war over 'states rights'. EVERYONE involved in the Civil War believed that it was over the potential abolishing of slavery. It is historical record that The Union was fighting to 'preserve the Union', NOT to abolish slavery. The Confederate States were fighting to preserve, prolong and expand slavery into the new territories. Letters from soldiers to their families have confirmed this over and over again. Northerners wanted a "Union", the CSA wanted slavery. The CSA attempted to garner favor for their position by claiming that the states and territories had the right to decide on slavery; while fixing votes and committing acts of murder on those who opposed slavery.

I do agree that federal involvement in CCDW is probably a bad idea as it sets a precedent that I think we do not want. Press for states to pass reciprocity.