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    I carry a glock 26 and I am a big guy. When I started to shoot that gun I was low left on everything. I spent alot of time dry fitting with my crimson trace laser sights.
    It really helped me find what I was doing wrong. As the grip is small I was muscling it once I learned to relax and I stopped trying to use my pinky on the grip. I was able to keep nice groups and get rid of the low left issue.

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    I have a bore sighting laser. Got it from Sportsmans Guide for around $40. It's the kind that fits inside the bore. You might try one of them.
    Yea that's what I am talking about but can you dry fire with it in the chamber without hurting the gun or the bore sight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGTUNA62 View Post
    Yea that's what I am talking about but can you dry fire with it in the chamber without hurting the gun or the bore sight.
    Depends on how long the bore sight is and how long the barrel is. I was suggesting the bore sight so yo could work on your grip and sight alignment. For you to dry fire your glock you'd have to cycly the slide each time. And the laser would be on all the time, not activating with the dry fire.

    I used the bore sight, in an empty gun to get the point of aim working, bringing the gun up to the firing position from the side (holster position)so the point of aim came naturally. The laser gives me the point of impact.

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    I know it's been said here, but I'll say again 'cuz it's very true. If you take a good beginners class, one that has a bit of actual shooting and not simply a run-of-the-mill CCW class, you will get help on the fundamentals of drawing, grip, sight picture, trigger control and other things that will help you become not only more confident but a better handgunner as well.

    At Front Sight, for example, after going to each of the 2 and the 4 day handgun classes I've seen men, women and 13 year old girls (yes, it's true) go from NEVER having shot a handgun to putting 2 in a thoracic size target at 7 yds from concealed in under 1.5 seconds and do it repeatedly as that is the standard by the end of the last day. (yes, one point five seconds) Of note, the 2-day class does not learn/practice drawing from CCW.

    Take a class, take two. You will NOT be treated with any disrespect even if you are a beginner from what I've seen at any classes.
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  6. I am originally from NJ that is why my first comment. When I was there ( early 80's)I had a CCW but only because I was a bodyguard for a lawyer whose law partner was a former state senator. Never knew anyone ( without a working reason) who had received a permit always held up in red tape.Some of the other bodyguards I knew said it took 6 months to a year to get their permit. I remember you had to get a purchase permit for each pistol you bought and it was only good for a few months, it was even needed for a bb/pellet pistol!And that permit could take months to get whenever the Police Chief got around to it!I have not lived in NJ for over 25 years so don't know how the laws have changed if they changed at all.

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